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What is Coral Teeth? 6 Tips to Prevent Coral Tooth

- 4:16 PM
We all know, too often heard, that toothbrushes and dental floss is very important to prevent the formation of tartar. But do you know what it is tartar? and why tartar can cause disruption for dental health?
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What is the tartar?

Tartar (dental calculus) is formed of plaque deposits on the teeth. Generally tartar will resemble a hard crust, stick and covered several areas on the teeth.
Tartar on the teeth is quite easy to spot, because the color yellow to brown. It could even be blackened if it is affected by habits such as smoking and drinking coffee .
How tartar formed?
While you are maintaining oral hygiene, there are still bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria will be mixed with protein and remnants of food, forming a layer that sticks to the teeth, called dental plaque (plaque).
Dental plaque is the beginning of many problems teeth and gums, which can lead to tooth decay, cavities, gum abscess , and bad breath . However, if you are diligent in cleaning the dental plaque, you can prevent permanent damage to the teeth.
Instead, the problem will worsen if dental plaque is left, which over time will harden and formtartar . Although the formation is very slow, a little bit every day, but only a dentist can mengangkan tartar stuck in your teeth.
Tartar which will further complicate the stick you clean your teeth. Toothbrush and floss are not enough to clean tartar stuck in your teeth.
If the tartar is formed at the gum line, the bacteria can infect your gums, making irritation and swelling, which can lead to a lot of interference on your gums.

Tips on Controlling and Preventing Coral Tooth

Tartar attached very strongly to the teeth, so the tartar removal process must be carried out by a doctor / expert dental professional. But there are several things you can do to control and prevent the formation of tartar.
Brush your teeth regularly
Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Use a toothbrush with soft brush and small enough to reach between the teeth and reaching the deepest parts of your teeth. Do a toothbrush for 2 minutes each time, to remove plaque and prevent tartar formation
Use toothpaste with fluoride
content of fluoride in toothpaste will help prevent dental plaque hardens and becomes tartar. In addition, fluoride is also important to repair damaged tooth enamel. Furthermore, there are also some products that contain triclosan, which can help fight bacteria found in dental plaque.
Use dental floss regularly
Dental floss was used dental floss to clean between the teeth. While you diligently brushing, dental floss is the only way to clean plaque in between your teeth and prevents tartar formation at the site.
If you are not accustomed to flossing, then the image of drg. Dio Nella you can make the following guide.
Do not smoke
Various studies have shown that people who smoke or use other tobacco products, are likely to experience problems tartar. Smoking can even bring in a lot of other, more serious problems to the teeth and mouth. Furthermore, read: bad effects of smoking on oral health .
Pay attention to the food you consume
Bacteria in the mouth will be more 'fertile' if you consume foods that contain a lot of sugar.When bacteria were met with this kind of food, will produce harmful acids that can damage tooth enamel, forming plaque and increase the risk of the formation of tartar.
Limit consumption of foods, including snacks, which are too sweet. Instead, choose healthier foods like vegetables and fruits fresh. You do not have to avoid the 'sweets' at all, but do not overdo it, and balanced with drinking water afterward. If necessary, clean your teeth by brushing.
Visiting the dentist
Finally, but most importantly, check your teeth to the dentist regularly. It is advised to check their teeth once every 6 months. Cleaning tartar attached to only safe if done by a doctor / expert dental health professional with special equipment that is to destroy and lift tartar.
In addition to cleaning the tartar is already formed in the tooth, the dentist will also check the health of your teeth, gums and mouth as a whole, provide advice, to provide care / treatment if necessary.
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