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Abstinence Uric Acid, Do Origin Eating

- 2:56 PM
As already explained in previous articles, namely Various kinds of Uric Acid Causes and Consequences. That gout is a disease caused by excess purine substance. Gout disease also known as Gout disease. This disease is one disease that is considered common. Thus, the disease is generally not feel any symptoms when the body indicated even up to high uric acid disease. For normal circumstances uric acid levels in men ranged 7MG / dl, while for women ranged at 6 mg / dl. If you do not get a good handling and proper for people with high uric acid it may also enyebabkan more serious dangers such as impaired renal function and may be damaged due to discharge of urine is not smooth thus making kidney burden is too heavy.
For people with this disease should know the kinds of restrictions uric acid so as not to cause gout disease getting worse because of indiscriminate consumption of food for daily life. Previous article Various kinds of causes of uric acid and result already explained about the various food taboos uric acid . These foods include seafood, canned food, offal, meat, meat extracts, nuts, vegetables that contain high purine, foods high in fat and high in protein, pineapple and durian as well as fried foods using margarine and food the use of coconut milk.

In addition to the above types of food there is still more restrictions gout namely ice cream and cheese. Well, a variety of foods into the food taboo gout sufferers . In addition to the type of foodtaboos for uric acid but there are things that are recommended to reduce uric acid namely: 
1. For people with this disease are advised to avoid aspirin while experiencing a headache. 
2. It is advisable to consume foods that contain high potassium such as yogurt, potatoes, and bananas. 
3. Kionsumsi multiply the fruits that contain lots of vitamin C such as citrus fruits, strawberries and papaya. 
4. Consumption of foods containing complex carbohydrates such as cassava, rice, potatoes and bread. 
5. Consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce uric acid, such as starfruit, ginger, dragon fruit, pumpkin, cabbage, mustard greens, tomatoes and lemongrass. 
6. Reduce simple carbohydrates like candy kind of fructose, sugar, cotton candy, cotton candy and syrup. 
7. Avoid working too hard and kecapekkan 
8. Inadequate intake of energy for the body's needs, according to the height and weight. 
9. For people who are overweight or obese to levels of uric acid in the body usually cepet rose but spending a little, so you should lose weight with exercise enough.
restrictions gout 3
Well, now already know some restrictions to eat gout , so you should be careful in consuming food that you are suffering from gout are not getting worse. Hope it is useful.

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