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Avoid Swearing Son, Try Do It

- 11:58 PM

Whether we realize it or not, there are still many parents who have not been able to implement positive parenting to their children. They prefer to scold the child, the child snapped even hit. This is clearly not a positive parenting. Try changing your old parenting and switch to positive parenting. How to?
The challenge has always been a problem of a relationshipAs quoted from page Ahaparenting, Monday (25/5), if your child did not receive your landing this is an indication that the relationship was not strong enough to support positive parenting. This happens to us all from time to time. At that moment, stop and think about how to strengthen the relationship, not how to make children think. Change the situation into a power struggle will only deepen the rift between you.
The consequences of wrong behaviorWhen children make mistakes, parents immediately angry, cursing the child continues even blame the child. And said, "I knew it already mother told you to eat, hungry right now". Though no need to get upset like that also the child will know and understand what happened to him is the fruit of the result of his actions, the consequences of his behavior.
When that occurs naturally can be a tremendous learning experience. Yet most parents reassures the child that is the consequence of punishment.
Parents should not involve themselves in consequence received by children. For example they do not study and do the exam and failed to get bad grades. Let the children learn a lot of suffering as a result of his actions. Of course, you do not want that to happen more than once.
Unfortunately, most parents use punitive consequences. Do not make children think it is the natural result of their actions. For example, when they forget to eat lunch today, they are hungry. Parents are making it as a threat.
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