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Causes of Hair Loss

- 2:34 PM
Hair loss is a problem on the hair that often happen to anyone, from children, adolescents and adults. Generally have hair loss is a natural thing to happen, but if you are experiencing hair loss are numerous and persistent, it is necessary to know more about the cause. Due to excessive hair loss can lead to baldness. Causes of hair loss can be caused from two factors, namely
external and internal factors.

1. External Factors
  • Hairdo
Factors that can cause hair loss is often varying hairstyles. To make sure first dahuku health of your hair before you change your hair style. Because some hairstyles can cause hair to become attracted to its roots. It also can make the hair more quickly brittle and easily broken.
  • Chemicals
The use of chemicals for coloring, straightening and make hair become permanent waves can cause hair to become damaged if used excessively and inappropriately in use. Besides grooming and binding excessive propagation can also cause hair to fall out and damaged.
  • Free Radicals
Free radicals are toxic substances that can accelerate the aging process. In general, free radicals come from pollution and toxic fumes. As a result, an advanced skin wrinkles, the appearance of dark spots on the face and hair fall out faster.
2. Internal Factors
  • Ancestry
Internal factors are the causes of hair loss due to heredity. This can be caused if one of the parents has the gene that can cause hair loss, so that it can be lowered on their children. Usually it can be determined by an expert check-up on the skin.
  • Hormone
Hormonal imbalance can cause hair to fall out. So sometimes mothers who are pregnant or containing typically will experience Horon imbalance that can cause hair to fall fairly severe.
  • Stress
Stress is one of the causes of hair loss. Hair usually be more easily fall when you're experiencing things that can cause stress. At times of stress hair loss becomes faster than in ordinary times.
  • Disease
Disease diabetes and lupus can cause hair loss.

Similarly, this article about the causes of hair loss that you must know . Hopefully this article can be useful and can avoid you from the causes of hair loss. Thank you and see you again.
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