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Caution Danger Diesel Smoke Causes Lung Cancer

- 11:40 PM
According to the WHO, the danger of smoke pollution diesel engines, included in the category of carcinogens that trigger lung cancer. Besides, carcinogens also has properties similar to the poison arsenic, neutron radiation-containing strontium-90 that have far more harmful effects than the passive smokers.

WHO's decision is in line with research Debra T. Silverman, a cancer researcher for the American government. In his research 50 years of exposure to diesel fumes at 12 thousand miners showed seven times more risk of developing lung cancer compared to normal lung nonsmokers.

WHO decision was announced after a week of scientific meetings, with diesel fumes entering into the category of "carcinogens" group one. Including cigarette smoke, asbestos, ultraviolet radiation, alcohol. Diesel fumes are also included as one of the causes of bladder cancer.

Cause of lung cancer that should be avoided:

- Smoke
  People who smoke a pack of cigarettes of 20-25 times the risk of lung cancer, although quitting smoking, the risk is decreased and disappeared recently after 15 years (nah .. once the dangers of smoking it).

- Passive Smokers
  That is, those living in the vicinity of smokers, but not smokers. He too is also exposed to risk of lung cancer, so avoid the smokers if you are in the vicinity.

- exposure to asbestos
  The use of asbestos in the industry is still a lot because it is cheaper, but the strict regulations of the government is expected to reduce the use of asbestos.

- Phthisis
  Such as tuberculosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary lung disease is at risk of lung cancer.

- Exposure to chemicals
  Workers exposed to chemicals such as arsenic, nickel, hydrocarbons and ethers, are at risk of suffering from lung cancer.

Maybe you will be difficult to escape from all exposure to cancer-causing above, but you can use a mask when you are traveling. Prevention is better than cure, remember lung cancer can only be detected when it has reached stage 2.
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