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First Aid When Esophageal Stroke

- 8:04 PM

A stroke can come anytime . For example amid an important event such as a family event , attend important meetings , and so on . Remember , a risk factor for stroke is high blood pressure or hypertension, a history of stroke never experienced before, smoking , diabetes , or heart disease , age also increases the risk factor .


Sudden weakness or stiffness on the face , arm , or one side of the body .

Sudden blurred vision or blurry , especially on one side of the eye .

Can not speak and have trouble understanding the words of others .

Sudden headache with no apparent cause .

Dizziness is not stable or fall unexpectedly .

First aid

Do not be moved to another place, as it will accelerate the rupture of blood vessels, and be not until he fell again. The trick is to pull out the victim's blood using a needle that had been burned or sterilized which is then inserted into the tip of each finger of each up to ± 1-2 drops of blood out.

If blood can not be sorted out until it comes out, then the victim will be realized after a few minutes later. If the victim's mouth tilted, pull the earlobe up red and immediately prick the bottom of the earlobe with a sterile needle to ± 1-2 drops of blood out. Once the victim is conscious and his mouth is recovered, then taken to the doctor or hospital.

Usually people who have a stroke will be faster blood vessels rupture due to shocks on the way to the hospital or doctor. The person can not regain consciousness or fainting and generally will be handicapped or paralyzed. (We must remember to bleed from the fingers of people who had a stroke, then we can help the people of stroke).

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