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Functions and Benefits of Betel leaf Betel leaf traits and characteristics

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Plant this one has a Latin name that is known as the Piper betle plant vines. This betel trees usually live by leaning on other trees and can grow to a height of 15 meters.

Benefits Daun Sirih

Benefits of betel leaf can treat various diseases inside and outside the body. Betel leaves are useful for treating several diseases, among others.
1. Drug whitish
trick grab some betel leaves and then boiled, then wait for boiling water betel leaves to cool then use to clean miss v. To get the most do regularly.

2. Cough
trick took 10 betel leaves, mix with 20 cloves of dry beans and boiled until boiling. Enter boiled water betel leaves and cloves into a glass, wait until cool and then drink. Use honey to reduce odor betel leaves if you do not like the smell of betel leaf.
3. Drug nosebleed
his way with wringing betel leaves to remove water, then sumbatkan nasal bleeding therefore blood expenditure will be reduced.
4. Reduce breath
trick grab a few sheets, wash with warm water and then chew the betel leaf. Perform routine until the smell of the mouth missing.

Benefits and characteristic feature of Daun Sirih

Once you know some of the benefits of betel leaves you also have to know the characteristics of betel leaf characteristics , among others: 
On the stem of betel greenish brown, elongated, round and segmented, besides the trunk is where the discharge of roots. In the heart-shaped leaves, has stalk, grows alternately, when crushed have a distinctive unpleasant odor, has a length of less than 8 cm and a width of 2-5 cm.

Betel leaf function

In addition to some of the benefits listed above betel leaves, there's more betel leaf function , namely:
- To facilitate menstruation by drinking boiled water of betel leaf.
- Able to treat asthma.
- Treating strep throat peyakit.
- Eliminate itching of the skin, the way mashed betel leaves and then smeared to the body that itch.
- Treating dengue fever. 
Betel leaves can also be used to treat dengue fever. How to boil the betel leaf and then drink boiled water betel leaves. Betel leaf is used to kill germs that cause dengue fever.
- Treating canker sores, teeth and gums swollen 
betel leaf can also treat canker sores, teeth and swollen gums. The trick chewing betel leaf green then rinse with boiled water betel leaf. Perform routine until the canker sores, teeth and swollen gums heal.
In addition to functioning health liquid turns green betel leaf can be used as a medicine as well as non-lethal pest spraying plants. After reading this article now you already know the benefits of betel leaves in our lives. Hopefully Health Articles is beneficial.
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