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Health benefits for the Jamaican Guava

- 8:43 PM
Surely you are unfamiliar with this Jamaican guava name? What if the guava? or guava bol? Yes exactly once, cashew nuts Jamaica is actually bol or guava. There is also a call guava bol Jamaica.

Actually, this is a Jamaican guava local cashew Indonesia and the price is quite quite expensive because it tastes good and is quite distinctive compared to other nuts. Referred to as the Jamaican guava guava possible to boost popularity of this make it easier to identify and there is also mention somewhat blackish red color like Jamaica.

But that is just the talk of people out there, until now not clear why this is referred to as cashew nut Jamaica.
Health benefits for the Jamaican Guava
Cashew Jamaica
According to wikipedia, the general Jamaican guava contains a number of components of the same compound as the water rose in general, namely vitamin C, vitamin A, water, thiamin, riboflavin, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, and many others. By because they were, in general, the benefits gained if we consume the Jamaican guava is approximately equal to the benefit of other water rose.


As for some of the benefits to the health of Jamaica guava is like:
Brighten and refresh your skin as vitamin C and vitamin A it
Digestive system in your body because of the fiber content contained therein
Clear up your eye sight (vitamin A)
Smooth bowel movement you (because the water content is high enough)
In lieu of carbohydrates (rice) because it also contains carbohydrates guava high enough, enough to consume 2 seeds course you will feel full.

To find cashew nut is quite difficult because it is still rare in the market because it is the membudidayakannya still limited. It is also what makes the price is still high when compared with other types of pink water.
If you are keen to see business opportunities here, maybe you can cultivate them, while still rare in the market price is also relatively more expensive than other guava fruit.

So little article about the benefits of guava Jamaica for health, and there is also the business opportunities you know. Hopefully useful yes for all of you. Greetings health.
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