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I Need Drugs, With a Healthy Diet Can Lower Cholesterol Alone

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Here Objects That Can Cause Headaches

Headache is often a problem. In addition to disrupt work productivity, headaches can also disrupt the appearance. Many things can cause headaches come. But did you know that the objects around us that we often use also has the potential to trigger a headache? Here are 6 things that could potentially cause headaches.

1. Computer Screen
Sit for hours looking at a computer screen for long periods can cause headaches. Headaches are usually triggered by eye fatigue and poor blood circulation smoothly. To overcome this, rest your eyes by closing his eyes or looked at the way distant object for several minutes. In this way the eye muscles relax and you will be returned free of headaches.

2. Mobile
Using a mobile phone for too long can also trigger headaches. Based on a study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, exposure to mobile phone signals were too long in the brain can cause an increase in glucose metabolism, sleep disorders to headaches.

3. Seats
Glance is no connection between the seat and headaches. However, if the chair you use when working does not comply with health standards, it is very possible that the chair can cause headaches. Seats that do not have a good backrest will force the collar bone to work harder which can trigger headaches. Besides the lack of proper seat can also trigger other symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, tingling up. So, choose a good seat and comfortable as well as have the ability to support your body to the maximum.

4. Headset
Listening to music with headset, earphone or the like is exciting tool. Can while relaxing, reading or doing other work. But without realizing the negative effects arising from such activities. Especially if you play with a high-frequency noise, which can cause trauma to the voice continued. In addition to causing headaches, sound frequencies that are too high can damage the auditory nerve cells.

5. Bag
Shoulder part of the body work extra when you carry the bag. If your bag is too heavy also shoulder the burden getting heavier. This can lead to shoulder pain, neck to headaches. Should not burden the shoulder with a bag that is too heavy. especially if you are using one shoulder only to hang the bag. These habits can worsen your posture.

6. Hats
Instead of avoiding the sun or just follow the fashion, wearing a hat can also trigger headaches. A recent study published by the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) revealed that wearing a hat that is too tight can disrupt blood flow to the head, so that it can trigger headaches.

Starting healthy habits of 6 This Simple

You've heard the saying "Sedia umbrella before the rain" or "It's better to prevent than cure". Preventive care is an important factor for maintaining health.

Many people focus doing great things and expensive to prevent the disease coming, while the small things often they ignore. Well, here are some simple steps that you can apply in our daily lives to be free of disease. In addition, you do not need to be expensive to make this a habit.

1. Walking 15 Minutes Every Day
Walk 15 minutes every day can help blood flow, lower cholesterol, maintain cardiovascular health to lose weight. Walking is the easiest and most inexpensive sport that can be done by anyone. So, tuck this healthy activity in the midst of you.

2. Rajin-Rajinlah Handwashing
The first step to prevention is to maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds to get rid of germs, do this before and after eating, and also as you exit the toilet, touching furniture, chemicals, mud, and so forth.

Health experts recommend that we wash your hands with airhangat flow and use anti-bacterial soap. Make sure you clean your hands properly, between the fingers and nails well, because usually feces containing germs are often caught in this area.

3. Hygienic When Using Public Toilets
When in public restrooms, avoid using the toilets towels available to dry hands, it is better to use a tissue and dryers are provided. In conditions like this, you should bring your own towels or wet wipes for cleaning hands are sterile to avoid contamination of germs and bacteria.

4. Wear Masks While Driving
If you are a motorist, get used to wearing a mask so that you are protected from pollution on the highway. Pollution on the highway either from vehicles or from certain industries make the body vulnerable to exposure to free radicals that can lead to many dangerous diseases. Not only bikers, motorists are also advised to wear masks on the highway.

5. Hygienic While Cooking
Prepare food hygienically, washing hands before and after eating. When cooking seafood, meat and raw poultry, it is very important to clean it before cooking. Do not use the same dishes for storing food that has been cooked to the raw. Adjust the temperature of the engine coolant at the proper temperature for storing food in it.

6. Provide Medicines at Home
Provide medication at home for the first treatment if a family member was sick. Keep the medication storage area out of reach of children and clean of debris. If the delivery of drugs in the home does not provide results, immediately contact your doctor to get further treatment.
Nowadays few people are facing health problems due to high cholesterol levels. High levels of cholesterol is one cause of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Drugs made from chemicals often be a solution for people who want to lower cholesterol levels quickly. However, the side effects of drugs made from chemicals sometimes inevitable and even cause other health problems.

There is another way that is safer and more effective for lowering cholesterol levels in the body. This method has a good long-term effects to control cholesterol levels of your body, that is by dieting. But before knowing how the role of diet in controlling cholesterol levels, you should first understand how cholesterol is formed in the body.

Where Cholesterol Come From?
Two main sources of cholesterol in the body is the body itself and the food we eat. All animals can produce cholesterol in their bodies and animal products is part of human foods that naturally contain cholesterol.

The liver produces cholesterol to carry out certain functions in the body. Studies show that about 75 percent of the cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver and the other 25 percent comes from the food we eat.

Cholesterol comes from food called dietary cholesterol. While blood cholesterol produced by the liver, is an essential component necessary to carry out many functions of the body. Excess cholesterol from the foods you eat can cause heart disease.

Importance of Keeping Cholesterol
No matter if you consume cholesterol from food, but when combined with a highly saturated fat, it will be a problem. Intake of foods with saturated fat cholesterol can increase cholesterol levels in the body. This means the body gets extra cholesterol buildup in the arteries which eventually restricts normal blood flow, making clogged arteries and cause a stroke may result.

Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy cholesterol levels by balancing dietary cholesterol and saturated fats in the diet. Balancing your diet is the first step to achieving a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. The second step is to maintain the health and fitness through regular physical exercise.

Low Cholesterol Diet Menu
Change your diet to avoid the possibility of getting heart disease. Here is a list of foods to lower cholesterol:

> Fruits and Vegetables
All kinds of fruits and vegetables are healthy foods because they contain vitamins and minerals, contains no fat and low calorie content. Besides low-calorie, fruits and vegetables are also a rich source of useful fiber binds cholesterol and removing it from the body. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly is believed to lower cholesterol and keep a person from the risk of heart disease and stroke.

> Meat Without Fat
Try the consumption of lean meats such as turkey, chicken and fish to the list of foods low in cholesterol. But if you still want to consume red meat, try cooking process is done correctly and specifically to reduce the levels of fat and cholesterol.

> Grains
Avoid white flour products, except grains and cereals in the diet. White flour has a high amount of carbohydrates and consumption of such foods can raise cholesterol in the body. Grains are known to have high energy and fiber content of foods. Besides cereal grains and legumes, brown bread, pasta and potatoes also help lower cholesterol levels.

> Dairy Products
The market is now easily found products skim milk or low-fat dairy products. Many people with high cholesterol who avoid dairy products altogether, whereas health benefits of milk. Therefore, people with high cholesterol should still consume milk, which is low-fat milk.

> Oils and Fats
Avoid saturated fats if you have already started a diet low in cholesterol such as those encountered on some products such as butter, margarine and oils contain saturated fats. To replace it, try eating oily fish 3-4 times a week to help lower cholesterol levels. If you want to fry foods using olive oil for the cooking process, because olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat and polyphenols, compounds that can reduce inflammation in the body and reduce the risk of blood clots.

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