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Know Your Lasik Eye Surgery

- 3:42 AM
It used to be people who have blurred vision or unclear start small to large minus category must use the glasses as visual aids. When a category is getting bigger eye minus the lens kacamatapun getting thicker. It is sometimes very disturbing and difficult for users. But now that suffering can be relieved by a surgical procedure called Lasik surgery.
LASIK is Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, a procedure to correct blurred vision or broken using a laser beam. Let's get to know Lasik surgery for the eyes. LASIK is a surgery that permanently change the shape of the cornea to improve vision and reduce ketergantuangan people on the use of glasses or contact lenses.
For clear vision, cornea and lens must be moved at a good bus amembengkokkan ray so that the image will be seen clearly on the retina. If you can not do that then the vision will be blurred. The blurring of vision is called refractive disorders. This disorder is caused by the difference between the shape of the cornea to the eye length.

Lasik uses ultraviolet laser beam to remove tissue and corneas members new form so that the light can focus clearly on the retina. Lasik surgery causes the cornea becomes thinner. LASIK is a surgical procedure that is simple and does not need inpatient care for patients. This procedure only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Anesthetic or anesthetic eye drops are used only kind that makes the surface of the eye becomes numb.

Know Your Lasik surgery for the eyes is to know that the procedure is performed with the patient in a conscious state. Only the patient will be given drugs to make it comfortable and not tense or nervous. LASIK can be done to one eye or both at once in a single session of the surgical procedure.

When the procedure takes place, a special automated knife or referred to mikrokeratome used for cutting eye tissue that interferes in the outer layer of the eyeball. Now this procedure has been widely known and used various types of lasers to shape the cornea eyelid. The petals are placed on the outside and a laser is used to re membentu corneal tissue on the inside.

After the re-establishment is complete, the petals then secured and requires no stitches because the cornea will naturally hold the lids in place. Bandages will be placed outside the eyelids to protect their eyes from the hand rub or pressure until ondisinya completely healthy again. Those are some things worth knowing is known for Lasik surgery for the eyes.
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