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Overcome Thrush

- 12:13 AM

Sprue or stomatitis is an inflammation that occurs in the oral mucosa, usually in the form of a yellowish white spots. Spotting it can be a single spot or in groups. Thrush can attack the mucous membrane inner cheek, inner lip, tongue, gums, and palate in the oral cavity. Although not classified as dangerous, but very annoying canker sores.

Thrush can be caused by conditions in the mouth, such as poor oral hygiene, the installation of dentures, mouth ulcers due to food or drink that is too hot, and the condition of the body, such as allergies or infection.
Sprue synonymous with a lack of vitamin C. Lack of vitamin it does lead to tissue in the oral cavity and the connective tissue between the gums and the teeth eventually tear easily cause canker sores. However, these conditions can be overcome if we often eat fruits and vegetables.
Sprue is generally characterized by burning pain that sometimes causes the sufferer difficult to swallow food, and when it is severe it can cause fever. Thrush disorder can affect anyone, including babies who were aged 6-24 months.
Many studies show that psychological factors (such as emotions and stress) is also a factor contributing to the sprue. Other conditions are thought to trigger canker sores is deficient in vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron; wound bitten on the lips or tongue due to irregular tooth arrangement; injuries due to tooth brushing too hard or toothbrush bristles are already expanding; allergy to a food (such as chilli and pineapple); hormonal disorders (such as before or after menstruation); decreased immunity (after a prolonged illness or stress); and the presence of infection by microorganisms.
Sprue can be alleviated by using some kind of drug, either in the form of ointment (containing? Antibiotics and painkillers), drops, and mouthwash. Nowadays, it is widely available toothpastes that can reduce the occurrence of canker sores. If thrush is already severe, can be used antibiotics and fever-lowering drugs (if accompanied by fever). Canker sores will usually heal within 4 days. However, if canker sores do not heal, consult a doctor, because it may be an early symptom of oral cancer.
Many ways you can do to prevent canker sores, among others, to avoid the stress; often eating fruits and vegetables, especially those containing vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron; maintain health or dental and oral hygiene; and avoid foods and medicines that can cause allergic reactions in the oral cavity.
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