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Sleeping At The Denotes behavior Body Medium Unhealthy

- 5:49 AM

Sleep state does not always give you peace, the proof some people actually look more calm than when they are not sleeping. But do not ever underestimate some strange behavior and complaints that occur while you sleep. Could be it was a signal from the body that indicate health problems. There are some strange behavior and complaints that occur during sleep that you should be aware. Behavior and any complaints that you should be aware of? Here goes the list:

Habits head feels pain when I wake up
There are many causes of head pain when I wake up, such as tension headaches or headaches that occur due to the high pressure section head. The causes of sleep is an uncomfortable position, or the position of your pillow is too high. Other triggers may occur because of other reasons that are difficult to detect such as bruxism or teeth ground his habit while asleep.
Often awakened at midnight
One cause of waking up middle of the night because of your desire to urinate a little disturbing indeed, considering the middle of the night may be a time where you've been in a state of sleep asleep. The condition is called by nocturia or frequent urination at midnight. But not to worry it will not greatly affect your health, because with the passage of age, the ability of the bladder to control urination passion will wane.
Bedtime was freezing when I wake swelter
Many health problems that have symptoms like these. In women, this condition is usually a sign of the entry period prementruasi. In addition, the body temperature regulation disorders may indicate a thyroid disorder. Raynaund's syndrome, which is a circulatory system disorder that can make your feet feel cold when you wake up.
Besides the noisy saw a man sleeping with snoring accompanied also makes us mertasa so irritated and it should be wary of someone who snore indicate a risk of having a stroke cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular health is a disorder involving the cardiovascular system function of the heart and blood vessels. Sometimes a person never realized as he slept, his snoring all night. But usually, people with sleep snoring will feel dry mouth when you wake up in the morning because he was breathing through his mouth, the study describes people who snore tend to be quickly exhausted and mengantung during the day.
Habit of kicking anything in bed
Nothing is more annoying than sleeping with someone whose feet can not be silent. Throughout the night you are plagued with kicks that he was well aware of your kick filed on or objects that exist in a bed, after waking up in the morning, all you find is a mattress, sheets and pillows are falling apart like broken ship. The condition is usually triggered by the Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) or disorder where your feet tend to be moving when you are fast asleep. This syndrome is similar as restless legs syndrome or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). But the difference, restless legs syndrome is more specific in its appearance PLMD only when you are asleep.
Difficulty sleeping in the supine position
Difficulty sleeping in the supine position, or perhaps to sleep, but always find the position of the body is already in a state of change when you wake up in the morning, it might indicate that your body is experiencing respiratory distress. One reason is the syndrome UARS (Upper Airway Ressistance Syndrome, which is a condition that triggers a blockage part of your respiratory tract and make you have trouble breathing so hard to sleep in a normal state / recumbent. It is you should be aware, in order to avoid the spread ketingkat more severe.

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