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Sprue And BREATH

- 3:09 PM
Bad breath can be caused by many things, even if you feel diligent toothbrush. There are several causes of bad breath, the cavities so that it becomes the perfect place for the growth of bacteria, plaque and leftover food or drink. Thrush can also be the cause, especially inflamed canker sores and not dry.
Thrush, white basin with redness around it is painful when inflamed. Sprue can last 4-20 days, but immediately consult if still present in the mouth after passing two weeks. Because usually, under normal conditions, ulcers can heal itself.
Sores that were left made us uncomfortable chewing something. Moreover, eating a piece of fruit and fresh vegetables are sometimes scratch the wound cavity. In fact, the more we are lazy to chew, the less saliva is produced, the more it will dry our mouths. As a result, there is a bad odor from the mouth.
Currently thrush, should be diligent to rinse and drinking water. Try to chew fresh fruit and vegetables. Perform treatment with antiseptic to ensure bacteria do not flourish. That you should look at, it turns sprue is innate. As many as 50% of cases of thrush is the case of genetically inherited from his parents. Well, in the new default sprue relapse when sparked something. For example spicy foods or lack of vitamin C and vitamin B12 are abundant in fresh fruit.
Requirement of vitamin C per day is not more than 100 mg in normal people.Therefore, if you take supplements of vitamin C when canker sores recur, it is not right. On average vitamin C supplements contain high doses of vitamin C so it stimulate the kidneys. By taking supplements of vitamin C, your canker sores are not necessarily immediately recovered and resolved the problem of bad breath.
So, thrush can cause bad breath if not treated promptly. This is because we are lazy to chew when the sprue so the less production of saliva and mouth become drier. But the cause of bad breath is not always thrush. You can cope with bad breath checked first. Who knew there were holes and rotten teeth.
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