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This is the reason why the 'trunk' man always stand every morning

- 2:56 PM

Penis male always stand each morning. That is the reality of the matter. Sounds tickle indeed, but apparently there are compelling reasons why this natural phenomenon occurs each morning.Reporting from, erection is part of the sleep cycle. As you enter the subconscious, you do not just dream but the body also experience some physiological changes. This process in which deadly neurotransmitter norepinephrine hormone or hormones are involved in controlling erection. So that when neurotransmitters die, norepinephrine decreases, blood flow increases to the blood vessels resulting in an erection.In addition to these reasons, the erection in the morning was also the case in order to prevent mengompolnya men. Why is this so? Because bladder will be full in the morning so that makes penile erection up will avoid wetting.Both children, adolescent, or adult men certainly have an erection in the morning. This process is very healthy because erection will also produce oxygentaion that help repair the sexual organ itself and retain its function. So, you should not be worrying about this. Instead, you should worry about when the 'trunk' You can not stand in the morning.
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