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Traditional medicine pinworms

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Pinworm is a disease carried by tiny worms that looks small approximately ¼ inch which takes the contents of the small intestine. Transmission of this disease through pinworm eggs that come out through the rectum that will cause a sense of itching, when in scratch by hand the eggs will stick to the end of the nail which then swallowed back, and this process will continue.

Pinworms and medicinePinworms usually experienced by children who are less keep clean hands when they want to eat something. Transmission of the disease can also be said to be very fast, because the transmission process is very easy. Especially if you live on the edge of the river where the water is contaminated by human feces former, are more susceptible to this disease.Traditional treatment of pinwormsimages from dreamstime.comThe symptoms of this disease are as follows:

Itching around the anus.
Patients will experience a decrease in appetite
Weight loss
Incontinence and difficulty sleeping
Patients will irritability, nausea and vomiting.
Traditional medicine pinwormsMaterials:

1 fingers papaya roots hanging
1 clove garlic
1 cup water
How, roots together garlic mashed papaya, then add a glass of water. Then simmer over low heat until only half a glass. You can take this medicine two times a day, each time a drink is ¼ cup. While you are taking this medicine you should reduce your meal, you can mix this medication with milk in order not to feel bitter when drunk.To prevent this disease, you should always wash their hands thoroughly after coming back from the toilet and when I want to eat food. Additionally warn them to shower cleaner and cut the nail to prevent subsequent disease.
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