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Ulcer Disease In The Stomach And Intestinal Injury

- 11:06 PM

Question Consultation

My mother had long suffered from heartburn, have done indoskopi from above and below. The result of stomach and bowel injury. Each defecate mother I feel uluhatinya dicokot-Cokot and grimacing in pain.

Already went to penang and RSCM, gastric drug given drugs but no change. Lately my mother most of recurrence so sleep continues. As a result, frequent chills and fever.

Please doctor what we are doing.

Answer Consulting

Heartburn sufferers with wounds in the stomach and intestines need regular treatment for such injuries take time to heal. Ulcer drugs generally reduce complaints while by neutralizing stomach acid and suppress the production of stomach acid.

To cure ulcer patients should maintain a good diet (type of food, the regularity of mealtimes) And the latter also stress will increase the production of stomach acid. So if the problem is due to stress the stress problem needs to be addressed. Need to re-locate and prevent the root of his problems apart from his own ulcer. Hopefully this information helps.
Dr. Rosa

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