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Various Benefits of Bananas one of which is for health

- 9:05 PM
Banana is one of the popular fruit among the community, not only in Indonesia and even overseas as well. A wide variety of processed foods can be produced from a banana. Ranging from fried bananas, banana ice cream, banana juice, and many others.

Bananas are also typically used as a food substitute for rice in the diet, because bananas contain complex carbohydrates that are high enough to satiate the stomach long enough.

In Indonesia there are various types of bananas, for example bananas, kepok bananas, plantains, bananas mas, etc. Not only beneficial fruit, but all parts of the banana tree also has a wide range of benefits. For the following we will tell you about some of the benefits bananas you should know.

As a remedy heartburn

The first benefit is that bananas can be used as medicine heartburn. When heartburn strikes. Eat some bananas to relieve the pain caused by the ulcer. This is because in bananas contained a substance which can counteract the acid in the body so that it can eliminate the pain of heartburn.

Smooth the skin

Benefits bananas next is a skin smoothing ingredient. For those of you who have rough skin and dull, you can use a banana mask to make your skin brighter and smoother. It is very easy to puree the bananas are ripe by using a blender, then mix with two tablespoons of honey. After that, apply a mask bananas evenly all over your face and let sit for approximately 15 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water. Perform mask bananas routinely to obtain maximum results


Remove acne

Besides being able to soften and brighten the skin, it turns out there are other benefits that bananas as acne removal. Way too easy ie one banana puree using a blender, then rub on the face that are acne prone skin. Wait for approximately 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Do this routine until the acne completely disappeared.

Improve mood

In addition to treating heartburn and smooth the skin, it turns bananas can also boost your mood so the mood becomes stable and positive. So when you're hit by turmoil eat wild bananas.

As a source of energy

Has abundant carbohydrate content makes bananas can be a source of alternative energy source for your body. consuming two bananas a day can increase the supply of energy and increase endurance. For those of you who are not too fond of rice, bananas could be an alternative option that you can consume.

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Some other benefits of bananas is as smooth bowel movement drugs because bananas can expedite the process of metabolism. For those who are experiencing a bowel movement, you can use a banana as a cure. It's easy, just eating a banana taste.

Thus a brief review of the benefits of bananas that can be conveyed. In addition to several benefits of bananas which we can say, there are many more multiple benefits of bananas which can be obtained as to overcome anemia, hypertension or high blood pressure, can boost immunity, relieve pain during menstruation, overcoming itching caused by mosquito bites, and still many other benefits.
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