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White spots on nails, it dangerous?

- 5:48 AM

Are you among those who neglect the health of your nails? It is better if you start now also pay attention to the health of your nails as you pay attention to other parts of the body. That's because it turns out healthy nails is also a barometer of the health of your body.

Well, maybe at some point you find that there are white spots on your nails. Some of you may be concerned if the white spots is a signal from your body that something is wrong with your body. Is this correct?

The cause of white spots on the nails

A common cause of white spots on the nails condition is due to the occurrence of mild or moderate trauma to the nail growing. Nail growth generally tends to very slowly, so people may not be aware of trauma or injury that occurred in the previous week until finally emerging signs or white spots on the nails.

Conditions such as these frail once associated with a deficiency or excess of certain vitamins or calcium which in fact it is not entirely so. White stains or white spots generally are found in nail hand section compared toe section. If you do not remember what kind of injury that can lead to nail trauma, no need to worry, because in fact very slow growth of the nail so that the wounds of the nails may occur weeks before the white stains appear on the nails. Alternatively, these white spots can be a sign of a mild infection that etrjadi the nails or allergies or side effects of certain medications. So when you are in a period of healing and consumption of certain drugs then these white spots appear on the nail, it could be this is the reaction of the medicines you are taking and not sign if there is someone you admire or hate.

If white spots appear only one or a few nails on your fingers. So no need to worry. However, if these spots appear so much on the nail or bahakn almost the entire nail on your fingers, then it tersbeut should there be alert. This is because it may happen kondis pretty serious with your body. For example, your body megalami decline in kidney function, anemia or even diabetes. And if this happens, it's good you are advised to immediately seek medical attention to determine more specifically what is happening with your body.

Need a doctor?

If you experience leukonychia, whether it is necessary to see a doctor this pertnayana currently there may be your minds. As explained above, when the white bintk only appear at any nail bebebrapa, then you do not need to worry. This may be just the reaction of nails injured. However, if the number of these spots have spread to all parts of the nail, then it's good to see your doctor to find out more details of your body's health anymore.

Here are some types of leukonychia:

Leukonychia totalis
Such a condition occurs when white specks attack all parts of the nail. Trigger conditions can be associated with the disease ii particular, which leukonychia this type should immediately get medical attention.
Leukonychia punctata
Leukonychia Leukonychia this type is most often found where the white spots on the nails look like dots or small lines that appear on the nail.
Leukonychia striata
Leukonychia this last type occurs when white spots on the nails look like a line parallel to the base of the nail.
However any kind, one thing is certain, this condition is caused due to open the body of calcium or zinc deficiency as it has been widely assumed by many people.

Thus began, this time even though the nails look beautiful and fine does not mean healthy nails are well preserved. And it does not hurt, nail health perhatiakn start from this point. No need to go to salon to perform a pedicure or manicure, but you simply eat foods that contain good nutrition for healthy nails, other benefits besides cheaper than fruits certainly beneficial also for the health of other organs. And now you do not have to worry if there are white spots on the nails. Because it solely as a reaction of the injured nail unknowingly

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