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Benefits of Goat Milk For Health, Allergy Milk Need to Read

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By the way, did you ever drink goat's milk? If not, it's natural. Because, goat milk is less famous than cow's milk. But about the nutritional content and benefits, wait a minute. Goat's milk is actually no less than cow's milk. Curious to know what excess milk goat? Keep up with this post.

Benefits of goat milk for health
Benefits of goat milk for health

The benefits of goat milk for health are reviewed deeply enough by dr.Rini Damayanti Moeljanto, dipl.CN, Bernardius T Wahyu Wiryanta, in a book entitled "Benefits of Goat Milk" from Publisher PT. Agro Media Pustaka, Jakarta.

The book explores the link between goat milk and health, as well as the benefits of goat milk in the treatment of various diseases. It also reviewed how to make various food products made from goat's milk, how to keep goats and types of goats are good to produce milk. Including milking techniques and management of goat milk itself.

And here are some advantages of goat milk compared to milk derived from other animals according to the book:

• Goat's milk is antiseptic, natural and can help suppress the proliferation of bacteria in the body.
• Alkaline (alkaline food) that is safe for the body.
• The protein is soft and the lactase effect is mild, so it does not cause diarrhea.
• Fat in goat's milk is easy to digest because it has a soft texture and smooth.
The fat is also smaller than the fat grains of cow's milk or other milk. It is also natural homogeneous. Because goat milk is easily digested it can suppress the onset of allergic reactions.

Goat milk contains sodium, fluorine, calcium, and phosphorus are quite dominant, plus other nutritional content. Therefore, goat's milk is efficacious:

• Adds vitality and endurance.
• Addressing the problem of impotence and sexual arousal, both for men and women.
• Has anti-cancer effect
• Helps digestion and neutralizes stomach acid.
• Heals allergic reactions to the skin, respiratory and digestive tracts.
• Cures for the therapy of some lung diseases, such as asthma, tuberculosis, and other acute infections in the lungs.
• Cure kidney disorders, such as nepbrotic syndrom kidney and high uric acid infections.
• High calcium content can help cure rheumatism and prevent osteoporosis.

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Characteristics of good goat milk

The characteristics of good pure goat milk are easily recognizable from their physical properties, as follows:

# 1. In freezing conditions - 18 ⁰ milk should look yellow ivory (high calcium content)
# 2. Easily melt in room temperature (low water content)
# 3. Easy to squeeze after discharged 30 minutes from the freezer
# 4. The sweet goat milk is slightly sweet and savory
# 5. Between water and milk cream together (not broken / clot)
# 6. The typical smell of goat does not smell sting (cleanliness of the cage awake)
# 7. The content of goat's milk fat is not more than 6 percent

Note the good milk goat is not to be mixed with water, coconut milk or with cow's milk.

Some factors that cause goat milk change quality include:

# 1. Milk has exceeded the storage time (expired)
# 2. Storage with nonstandard or unstable temperatures
# 3. Experienced several times the liquid then froze again
# 4. Dirty enclosure and poor feed
# 5. Mixed with goat milk kolostrum at the beginning of the birth

Goat's milk and Hepatitis disease

In particular, Trubus magazine. 448 March 2007 / XXXVIII reviews the benefits of goat milk for hepatitis disease. Trubus, among others, recounts the healing of a hepatitis patient named Elis after consuming goat milk regularly.

How can a goat milk story help healing hepatitis? That's because goat milk contains a lot of medium chain fatty acids, whose amount in goat's milk is almost equivalent to that of human milk, according to Dr. H. P Maree, MBChB, from South Africa.

In short, goat milk is a beverage whose nutritional content is not inferior to cow's milk. Moreover, the complaints that are often encountered after drinking cow milk is rarely found in people who consume goat's milk. So goat milk is an alternative for people who are allergic to cow's milk.

The benefits of goat milk for health unfortunately not known by many people. Our false perception of goat milk may be the excuse of this nutritious milk.

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