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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda

- 3:35 PM
We all know that soda is not a good choice for health. Already many a discussion about the negative effects of soft drinks for the body and health. However, this time is very difficult to avoid soft drinks. It was a sweet and delicious make this drink is a favorite choice for a get together, relax in front of the television, or simply eliminate hunger.
However, the more you drink, the more health risks that you put into your body. Even drinking soda in a number of 'normal' can already cause harm to the body. Consider some of the following negative effects of soft drinks, which we summarized from various studies.

# 1 One of the causes of type 2 diabetes

In one can of sweetened soft drinks that contained the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. Total sugar contained in soda, especially in the form of a liquid, can make blood sugar rise and insulin causes a reaction in the body. If continuously consumed then over time may cause diabetes or insulin resistance.

# 2 Not good for bones and teeth

Phosphoric acid contained in the soda can interfere with the body's ability to absorb calcium and can lead to osteoporosis, tooth decay and bone softening. Phosphoric acid also interacts with the stomach acid that can later be slow digestion and absorption of nutrients mengalangi.
There is also a study published in the journal General Dentistry , which compares oral health among cocaine users and drink soda. Researchers found that both experienced tooth decay at the same level. The cause is citric acid , which can weaken and destroy tooth enamel over time.

# 3 contains hazardous materials

Nearly 10% of soft drinks spread d market contain harmful substances such as BVO prohibited or Brominated Vegetable Oil [ ref ], whose use has been banned by the WHO and also banned by more than 100 countries.

# 4 Causes of heart disease

According to a study published by the American Heart Association , drinking one can of soda a day was associated with a 48% increased risk of metabolic syndrome such as heart disease, cholesterol is high, and also diabetes.

# 5 Artificial sweeteners linked to headaches

Several studies have shown that aspartame or artificial sweeteners can lead to pain or migraines in certain people.

# 6 Trigger Depression

Recently presented a study at the American Academy of Neurology, found that those who drank more than four cups of soda or soda every day were more likely to experience clinical depression by 30% than those who avoid them.

# 7 Issue reproduction

You know, it cans are often used for soft drink containers is also laced with endocrine disruptor bnisphenol A (BPA), which is attributed to be one of the causes of heart disease, obesity and reproductive problems.

# 8 Causes of obesity

Harvard researchers recently found a link between soft drinks and obesity. The study found that children aged 12 years who drink soda are more likely to become obese than those who do not. For each serving of soda consumed, the risk of obesity increases 1.6 times.

# 9 does not contain nutritional value

Not only have many harmful effects, it turns out soda also have absolutely no nutritional value in it. Soda is a natural substance that is detrimental to the body as sugar, sodium and caffeine that can cause the body to become dehydrated and in the long term can lead to chronic dehydration.

# 10 Trigger Cancer

Most soft drinks contain caffeine which has been linked to several types of cancer, breast lumps, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure and other health problems.
Some of the reasons above seems to confirm that you have to start reducing / left soft drinks. Instead of consuming soft drinks, you can try some healthier alternatives following, either for yourself or for children and other family members:
  • Mineral water, of course, mineral water is the best drink of the terbaikm because in addition to a healthy and refreshing, mineral water is also cheap.
  • For a morning or breakfast time you can replace soda with lemon tea or coffee .
  • For a time during the day or lunch try the homemade lemonade or iced tea.
  • To accompany the evening while relaxing time, you can make fresh fruit juice for consumption.
  • For a night or dinner you can try traditional hot drinks such as ginger, warm chocolate milk and so forth.
Natural is always better, including in terms of drinks.
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