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4 Avoid consuming these foods at dawn

- 2:36 PM

Fasting is coming soon. In addition to the levels of good faith, one of the most important provision is the fast food you consume during a meal. Because the meal is when you enter into the body of nutrients that are beneficial to always energized throughout the day. So that if one chose foods, then just limp you get when fasting.Reporting from, here are foods that you should not consume the time of dawn.CeleryBelieve it or not, celery along with other foods high in water such as cucumber and watermelon is a natural diuretic that causes your bladder is full. You will always be waste water that can cause dehydration during fasting.Fatty or fried foodsHigh fat foods or fried foods take longer to digest which then causes your abdominal discomfort during fasting.MeatDigest meat takes longer. If you eat too much meat at dawn, then of course cernanya time will be longer and make your stomach feel uncomfortable during fasting.

Food packagingPackaged foods high in salt can tie the supply of fluid in the body. You can find it faster thirst during fasting which of course makes you uncomfortable.In addition to the above food, drink soda when the meal is also not recommended because the chemical content in them can make you feel hungry quickly during fasting.
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