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Terrible, air pollution has killed 3.2 million people per year

- 2:40 PM
Mengerikan, polusi udara telah membunuh 3,2 juta orang per tahun 
Air pollution is a type of pollution that you can easily encounter every day. Ranging from vehicle fumes, factory smoke, to the use of hair spray can contribute to air pollution you breathe every day.
Although it does not look too dangerous, but who would have thought that air pollution could kill 3.2 million people per year, as based on research conducted by the WHO or the World Health Organization. The researchers noticed that the dirty air that are smaller than 2.5 microns can enter the lungs. Breathe dirty air that eventually can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.
"In addition to coming from industrial smoke or fumes, air pollution in developing countries can also be derived from the burning of coal for power generation, waste incineration open, until the burning of waste," said study author Joshua Apte, from the University of Texas.
"These findings are certainly very surprising because the number of victims exceeds victims of malaria or AIDS. We hope the results of this study were able to make people aware of the dangers of air pollution. So that they can do little to minimize the production of air pollutants such as reducing the use of motor vehicles. "
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