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4 Things You Should Avoid When Angry

- 3:33 PM
When the angry and emotional to be in peak, every thing feels always wrong and annoying. Researchers and experts say there are some things you should not do when you are overwhelmed with anger. What is it? Here's his review ..
1. Sleep in anger
According to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience , sleep can strengthen memory or memory, particularly related to the emotional memory. The study shows that sleep can make negative emotions in yourself. Allen Towfigh MD, a neurologist and sleep medicine specialist physician revealed that sleep can help to process and consolidate the information received before going to bed. This in turn indicates that sleep after falling or being in an emotional state make you will recall and experience the same emotion when you wake up.
2. Driving
is a dangerous thing when you are driving a vehicle in a state of being angry. Research reveals that motorists are driving vehicles in a state of being angry more at risk of an accident. A clinical psychologist, David Narang PhD, says that when you are angry, you are at risk of attack action, therefore, should not be driving. 
Narang also said that anger can make a person just look straight ahead only. Angry driver can not see other vehicles or pedestrians in the vicinity. This condition is called with tunnel vision . If you do have to drive, preferably with wide open eyes and continue to focus in order to avoid tunnel vision .
3. Eat
According to an expert named Kathy Gruver PhD, overcoming angry with eating can be bad. He said that when we are angry, we tend to choose to eat food that is not healthy.
Gruver added, rarely people who choose to eat vegetables when he is angry. On the contrary, often chosen typically are foods high in carbohydrates, sugar, and fat. In addition, eating when upset cause digestive system is not functioning properly, and this can cause constipation and diarrhea.
4. "Exhibition" ire in social media
Nowadays, there is a tendency by some people when they're angry or emotionally unstable, they 'reveal' in social media.Habits 'show off' emotions to social media is not a good habit. Narang said that when you're angry and 'announce' your feelings to social media, it could be a boomerang that will make you regret it. Announced publicly or write something very difficult for you to pull back. Therefore, if you are in a state of emotion, should not 'shed' anger you into social media.
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