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5 ways to lengthen eyelashes

- 9:42 PM
Every woman would want to always look beautiful in every state. Therefore, all related to the appearance is considered in order to have a perfect appearance. All the things that make a very beautiful note, ranging from slim body, used clothes, make-up, until the little things like eyelashes.

Has a long and tapering eyelashes will make her appearance more beautiful and sexy. So various carapun done to lengthen the lashes, some use false eyelashes in order to look beautiful. There is also lengthen lashes with a variety of other ways. Make us give a few tips on how to lengthen the lashes without damaging your real lashes.

Here's 5 ways to lengthen eyelashes:

Using makeup is a necessity for a woman, because activism without makeup would seem there is less and reduce confidence. But get used to not air makeup is berebihan especially in the eye area. Using heavy makeup will make your lashes fall out. Excessive makeup is also not good for your skin. Especially before going to bed, make it a habit to clean your makeup before bed. Read the explanation here: Be sure to Clean Makeup When You Sleep

2. Use a moisturizer eyelashes

Using a moisturizer is good eyelashes to lengthen eyelashes. To use a moisturizer lashes, make sure you use a moisturizer eyelashes eyelashes according to the type you have. Some moisturizing products lashes normally sensitive so you must be careful. Choose a moisturizer that contains vitamin E or olive oil.

3. Meet Nutrition for body

Choose a variety of foods that contain nutrients that can increase the thickness of your eyelashes. foods containing Vitamin C, E, B5 and minerals can prevent the loss of eyelashes. A variety of good food, among others, apples, tomatoes, carrots, oranges and others.

4. Use a sterile makeup tools

When you use makeup, make sure that you are using a sterile makeup tools. When using makeup tools, make sure that you use a clean brush, because using a clean makeup tools that will make eyebrow eyelash growth. According to research, one of the causes of hair loss caused by the use of eye unsterilized instruments when makeup.

5. Clean regularly lashes

Cleaning the eyelash regularly is essential for the growth of eyelashes. To clean lashes, you can use baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is proven to stimulate lash so as to accelerate the growth of eyelashes. To accelerate the process of growth of eyelashes, make sure that you clean regularly lashes.

Those are some tips you can do to extend your lashes. Make sure that you always take care of your body parts is no exception your lashes, so that more perfect your beauty and your confidence increases.
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