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7 Habits slob and Unhealthy But Still Only You Do!

- 9:50 PM
The number of behaviors and lifestyles man makes us to be someone who sometimes behave or berlakuan slob. Usually habit happens just like that without us knowing it. These habits can happen because it is caused by internal and external factors.

Internal factors eg, because habits are lazy and do not want to think about other things can make us to be a slob or even be unhealthy. Examples such as lazy bath, brush teeth, and so forth.

While external factors are usually caused by the surrounding environment, living in slum environments can also cause a person to act and lifestyle as people in their environment. If the surrounding environment litter, we also will do the same.
7 Habits slob and Unhealthy But Still Only You Do!
Smoking is one of the unhealthy toxicity © Shutterstock
For just remind us all, there are some squalid and unhealthy habits we used to do everyday without us knowing and still remain just as we did. What are the slovenly habits? Let us below:

1. Dispose of Waste Gratuitous

Litter has become a common thing for some people. Of course, the impact is not good for your environment. Litter can cause your environment becomes unhealthy, the incidence of various diseases and cause flooding as happened in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Every year the population of Jakarta has to face flooding caused by rising sea levels and the rainy season, and one of the biggest causes of floods in Jakarta is due to accumulated garbage in the river Jakarta caused people still littering.

2. Lazy Shower

According to some surveys, the number of ideal shower is at least 2 times a day. There are also up to three times a day depending on the level of activity. But for some people who are lazy, they may bathe once a day or even two days.

Of course this is an unhealthy lifestyle. Your body will be easily attacked by various diseases, particularly skin diseases, because it is certain that their bodies were not bathe a lot of bacteria and dust off there.


3. Lazy Toothbrush

This reckless behavior usually occurs in children and even to adults. Ideally toothbrush is 3 times a day, after meals, and before bed. However, there are still some have still not pay attention to this. As we know, if we do not brush your teeth in one day alone, can make the mouth to smell and your teeth will be broken because rarely cleaned. Read also: 7 Ways to Whiten Teeth With Natural Ingredients

4. Do not Wash Hands Before Eating

This habit is still often done by people in part. Of course, this habit is not healthy for you. Try to imagine how many germs and bacteria that stick to your hands before you eat? Moreover, there are fed directly by hand without using a spoon. This reckless behavior can certainly cause some disease in your digestive such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and so on.

5. Wear Clothing / Shirts Dirty Until Repeatedly

Habits like this is usually done by someone who is lazy, because lazy to wash clothes or so reusing clothes that have been soiled socks and even repeatedly. Besides causing any odor on around you, this habit can also lead to irritation and even skin diseases on the part that is often contaminated by the dirty underwear and shirts.

6. Dispose of Wind and Water Discard Gratuitous

It has become a commonplace in Indonesia. This reckless behavior usually done by someone who is not responsible, because when the wind exhaust actors certainly will not admit it, causing people around become uneasy and uncomfortable because the smell of the exhaust air.

Indiscriminate defecation also has become commonplace, and still do. Typically they look for a big tree and a quiet place and direct defecate there. This is fine as long as it is in a tight squeeze as the absence of lavatories around, while not stand again for the waste water should be done in a quiet place so as not to be seen by people.

7. Smoking

The latter is a smoking habit. Surely we all know the dangers of smoking is, but this practice is still carried by some people from adolescence to adulthood. And worse smoking can negatively impact the people around him, because when others suck the smoke, then they can be regarded as passive smokers, and the risk of disease caused worse compared with active smokers.

How can my friends? Definitely one of you ever experienced it not?
Immediately improve your lifestyle, into a healthy lifestyle to avoid the various diseases that may attack you at any time. With a healthy lifestyle, your life will feel more comfortable and maybe you can live longer. Read also: How Healthy Lifestyle Living a True
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