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Multitude of Benefits Leaves katuk for Health

- 9:47 PM
Want your child healthier ?? What solusinyanya ?? Milk to drink at the same time the food was very beneficial for maintaining the health of your baby easily. No wonder so many women who maintain the quality and health to get healthier and milk quality.

Katuk leaves into leaf that has been known for being able to maintain the health and quality of leaf katuk very well. This is in view with the leaf content katuk like protein, crude fiber, vitamin K, pro-vitamins, vitamin B, and vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. The content is certainly very perfect that provides many other benefits katuk leaves to maintain excellent health.

But, of course, a lot of benefits leaves katuk very good addition to the health of mother's milk for your baby. Here are some properties such as:

Multitude of Benefits Leaves katuk

Smooth milk

So, for mothers who are breastfeeding, it is suggested to consume fresh vegetables katuk. To smooth milk so that the baby gets enough nutrients.

Heal ulcers, fever and blood dirty

The content contained on the leaves katuk can overcome inflammation such as skin inflammation, ulcers, fever and also overcome the problem of dirty blood contained in the body.


Increase Passion Husband and Wife

For married couples, the leaves katuk also highly recommended for consumption to harmonize the relationship of husband and wife.

Prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone health

According to research, eating fruit regularly katuk can make the bones become stronger so that it can overcome the problem also oesteoporosis. It is due to calcium contained in katuk leaf itself.

Help overcome influenza

Benefits next katuk leaves that to overcome the problem of flu or influenze, can be consumed in warm like making tea. See also: 4 Ways to Prevent Flu Illness And Spread

There are many more benefits than other katuk leaves that you can feel when consumed regularly as shown below.
The content of vitamin A helps to cope with eye diseases
Improve endurance
Keep the male and female reproductive health
Maintain healthy skin
Helps prevent the growth of parasites, bacteria and viruses in the body as well as antioxidants because it contains chlorophyll feoditin
Helps form collagen in the body, fat and electron transport
Healthy gums and regulate cholesterol

With so many benefits katuk leaves will certainly help you perfectly to maintain health. However, with the increasing scarcity of this plant make it difficult for many people start mendapatkannnya. With a magical quality and abundant benefits certainly leaves katuk be the perfect plant to address any of your health problems very well.

Regular consumption to get a healthy body and a healthier quality of breast milk to help you create all of them easily in a way that is healthy, natural and without side effects for your baby and your health.
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