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Always feel hungry while fasting? It turns out these 4 reasons

- 2:29 PM

Hungry while fasting is a natural thing. Moreover, if hungry appearing in daylight hours become critical. But when the thought, you feel wonder why hunger continues to appear possible when the new 2 hours ago your meal. There may be some wrong habits that you do that makes you always hungry.Reporting from, the following are the reasons behind the hunger that continue to attack.Eating too fastWhen you eat quickly, then leptin did not have time to work. Though this hormone is useful to keep you always feel full. For that is very important for you to enjoy your food slowly and open at dawn.

Lack of sleepWhen you lack sleep, the hormone leptin production will also be reduced. Besides lack of sleep will also increase the secretion of ghrelin, which makes you always feel hungry.Lazy moveFasting does make your body weak. But it is not the reason for you to be lazy move. Because it turns out, according to some studies, this lazy attitude even make you become hungry.

Fasting is also a time when prone to dehydration. And when dehydration comes you will feel thirsty then you will think that you are hungry. Therefore, always try to meet the needs of your body fluids during fasting.

Hunger is reasonable advent time of fasting. But if you avoid the above factors, then maybe you will not feel too hungry.
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