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In fact, eating dates when fasting is obligatory!

- 2:26 PM

Dates is a food that is synonymous with the holy month of Ramadan. When you look at the dates, then you immediately know that Ramadan is in sight. Eating sweet fruit is actually a habit of those who live in the Middle East. Over time, this practice also go to Indonesia, especially during the fasting month.Then why you are always advised to eat the palm fruit while fasting? Reporting from, here is the reason.Increases energyEating dates is able to give you a shot of energy so quickly that you will instantly energized so fasting. This is because the palm is rich in glucose, fructose, and sucrose.

Reduce cholesterolDuring the month of fasting, the body is in the process of removing toxins constantly. Eating dates itself to help in the process of removing bad cholesterol from the body so that the heart and brain healthy.Kill infectionSome types of dates is capable of killing bacterial infection in the body in addition to acting as a powerful antibiotic. Much of the research is a mention that the palm as effective as penicillin antibiotics.Prevents constipationDates are rich in fiber which can help you prevent constipation. Eating dates can also increase peristalsis is important to remove dirt from the large intestine.Strengthen bonesThe high mineral content in the palm such as copper, selenium, magnesium, and calcium is needed for strong bones.
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