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Annoying sprue, How to Handle?

- 5:56 AM

Have you ever had sores in the mouth that feels so sore? Sores in the mouth is called as mouth sores, besides sore, sores in the mouth often make us feel uncomfortable. Thrush is not a serious disease that can be life-threatening, but this condition is very disturbing and annoying because you disturb to eat and chew and speak. So no wonder, if these oral health problems occurred in a person, it is usually the person will tend to be more moody and lazy to speak and perform activities related to the mouth.

Sprue or in medical terms is known as aphthous stomatitis is defined as inflammation or an inflammation of the mucosal lining (mucous membranes) of the mouth, which is located on the inside of the lips, gums, tongue, inner cheeks, as well as the palate. Infalamasi or inflammation of these sores usually begins with mucosal tissue irritation and cause rashes flushed, then formed ultus or injury or tungkak, the wounds inflicted on these sores can be round, oval, or even irregular and has wound edges demarcated , This canker sores usually yellowish white with a wound surface slightly concave.

Meskpiun this canker sores appear small and insignificant, but the pain it causes is very painful, especially when eating a meal, talking, brushing teeth, and tend to cause unpleasant mouth odor. Therefore, you should if attacked immediately treat canker sores, especially pain that is so disturbing. Although the actual canker sores will heal by itself.

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