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Slim Healthy Body And Mind Starting from Management

- 5:53 AM

he process of losing weight and makes the body healthy and slim is not as simple as reducing the amount of food and reproduce gestures. Do you ever really understand this course. At the beginning, your body weight is reduced, until finally stopping at one point and makes you despair and surrender. Right when you give up, as if to show rebelliousness, your body stores fat back and get you back to the original weight or even beyond it.

The human body is a sophisticated machine that is run by a variety of programs that dwells in the mind. Therefore, before changing your body, first change your mind.

This book is different from other books on slimming because, in addition to about the body that is run automatically by nirsadar mind that apply to all human beings, the book also talks about the program in the conscious mind and the subconscious mind that makes humans unique.

From this book you will learn about:

How to understand the mechanism of fat storage is done by the body
The role of the mind and how it works so that affects fat storage in the body
How to use the mind to manage it properly and wisely to obtain the body that are not only slim but, more importantly, healthy!

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