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Apparently, gray hair keep this secret 6

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When he appeared gray in the hair of the head, most people would have panicked. Being old is the first thing that comes to mind. This is due to the emergence of gray identical to the old. Unfortunately, the appearance of gray hair is a fact of life that can not be denied. Because being old is a sure thing.

Hair root is actually grayDid you know that the roots of the hair is actually gray? Then when growing the pigment melanin will give your hair color. When you get older, the pigment-producing cells will die and make the gray hair.

The main causes of gray hair is agingAging is a major factor is the emergence of gray. Because as described above, when you get older, the pigment-producing cells will die and make the hair appear gray.

Ethnic affect the appearance of gray hairEthnic become one of the causes of gray hair. In general, they are more easily gray Caucasian ethnicity, followed by Asians and African-Americans.Lifestyle plays a roleSmoking, stress, poor diet, and the emergence of certain diseases are able to make gray hair grow faster. Especially if you consume foods low in vitamin B12.

Revoke gray hair does not make gray multiply
Many say if you unplug it will make gray hair gray hairs grow more. Because the truth is that every hair follicle produces only one. So, when you unplug the hair, the other follicles will not produce gray.

Growing hair can also grayed

In addition to gray hair, normal hair growth can also be grayed out. Because the hair root is actually gray.

Apparently, gray save for the fact that not interesting? Hopefully this information is useful to increase your knowledge about the world of health.
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