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Want vagina is always healthy and clean? Do not forget to do this 10

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A healthy vagina is a must for women. Because the vagina itself is intimate areas vulnerable to moisture and the emergence of bacteria. A healthy vagina is characterized by a balance of acid in it. If it is too low or too high then vulnerable to infection.Reporting from, the following is a natural way to maintain vaginal health.
  •     Avoid constipation. Try to cope with consuming lots of water.
  •     Avoid using soap made from harsh chemicals to clean the vagina, especially the scented.
  •     Use cotton underwear that is soft. Avoid using tight underwear made of spandex that may cause irritation and infection because the skin can not breathe.
  •     Never spray the fragrant liquid of your vagina with anything because it could damage the vaginal pH level, causing irritation and other problems sex organs. If your vagina smells, try to treat it with an antiseptic solution suggested by the doctor.  
  •     Shaving pubic hair is important to keep the vagina. But do not cut until exhausted as they can make the infection so as to create the entrance for bacteria and germs into the vagina.
  •     Always try to shower at least 2 times a day or at least 1 time a day.
  •     Never immerse the vagina in a liquid fragrance. Because it can change the pH balance of the vagina and the concentration of microbes in the vagina. This change alone is able to make the vagina susceptible bacteria.
  •     If you are menstruating, use sanitary napkins good. Besides always keep the cleanliness of the vagina during menstruation, do not use pads for too long because it can cause rashes, irritation, and develop the growth of bacteria.
  •     Always wash your vagina after intercourse. It aims to keep the vagina.
  •     If you feel that your vagina smells strange, itching, or whitish fluid that comes out strange color then immediately consult a doctor.

Maintain the cleanliness and health of the vagina is very important for women because the vagina is one of women's assets. Apply the above that your vagina is always healthy and clean
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