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Benefits and Side Effects Sulam Eyebrows

- 8:28 PM
Eyebrow embroidery is a way of planting was done by using certain cosmetic pigment into the skin. Thus producing the same effect as if you wear makeup. In the international world eyebrow embroidery is better known as "interdermal eyebrow eyebrow micropigmentation comestic tattoing".

This eyebrow embroidery is now becoming a trend Because so many artists who do. Although in doing this eyebrow embroidery will cost not less but enthusiasts eyebrow embroidery is more and more alone. Although it is eyebrow embroidery lot of benefits but did you know that the side effects eyebrow embroidery is also very dangerous?

Although hidden behind the eyebrow embroidery harmful effects but still a lot of demand. Is it possible they do not know the side effects of this eyebrow embroidery or may in fact they already know the result eyebrow embroidery but remains ignored and still do it for the sake of beauty? Can be. But it is eyebrow embroidery also have some benefits, which include:

Benefits and Side Effects Sulam Eyebrows
Illustration Sulam Eyebrows ©
1. Sulam eyebrows will make your eyebrows look so perfect

Especially if you have thin eyebrows. By doing this eyebrow embroidery you will get an eyebrow shape according to what you want.

2. No need to use makeup

By doing eyebrow embroidery, you do not need to be bothered anymore with the use eyebrow pencil to create the perfect eyebrow. With your eyebrow embroidery will look had used an eyebrow pencil for your eyebrows will look beautiful and thick.

3. Instead of Alis better

This eyebrow embroidery will be very useful for those who have lost their eyebrows due to something such as chemotherapy. With embroider eyebrow, those who do not have eyebrows will benefit because it will be seen as having a natural brow.

But you must already know if there is definitely no shortage of advantages. And there are benefits eyebrow embroidery course there are also side effects eyebrow embroidery. If you do not know the negative effects eyebrow embroidery then you can see the following reviews:
If you do eyebrow embroidery permanently then you must be prepared to live forever use the eyebrow embroidery. To remove it you have to spend more expensive compared to the cost of manufacture. In addition it's also more painful.
Side effects eyebrow embroidery next is if you either select a salon or clinic (salon and clinics are not professionally) it is not that you get the perfect brow eyebrow shape but not pretty and it tends odd.
Side effects eyebrow embroidery The third is that the patchwork nature of which is almost the same as the tattoo, can fade and the increasing slack in accordance with the aging of your skin. And with it is certainly shape your eyebrows will no longer perfect.
Eyebrow embroidery costs in Indonesia is still quite a bit expensive. To get the perfect brow of the leading salon or clinic you have to spend up to Rp. 2,000,000 to tens of millions of dollars.

In addition to various side effects eyebrow embroidery that mentioned above, there are also effects eyebrow embroidery bad for your health. Because ink or material kosemetik used for eyebrows meyulam is not always suitable to your skin type.

So if you try doing eyebrow embroidery and turns the materials used does not match your skin then there is the skin you will experience irritation or allergy. In addition to irritation and allergies by doing eyebrow embroidery is usually pores of your skin will also be open and the entry of foreign substances into the skin then it will be bad for your skin.
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