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Do not Eat Apples Jump If Not In Wash with warm water!

- 8:30 PM
Apple is a source of carbohydrates and vitamins that are good for health. Usually apples used as a substitute for rice diet foods are proven to be very good to help process your diet. Besides apples believed to prevent cancer and make better eye sight because of the content of anti-oxidants and vitamin A it.

But did you know many apples are circulating in Indonesia are imported apple fruit shipped from overseas such as Australia and America. And to prevent the fruit does not quickly decay in the delivery process, apples sprayed with various preservatives that are resistant fruit and preserved to consumer.

Recently we are also shocked by the case of poisoned apples imported from the United States. The apple fruit is a type of Granny Smith and Gala from California, USA. Now both types of apples are prohibited circulated in Indonesia because it is toxic and unfit for consumption. It is caused by harmful bacteria present in the rally.

Do not Eat Apples Jump If Not In Wash with warm water!
Apples contain preservatives which appear after washing with warm water ©

The content of a waxy substance that is attached to the apple is no less dangerous as bacteria. Each imported apples must contain preservatives, and if the continuous consumption would cause disease in you. For it before consuming these apples you have to clean it up first.

The trick is easy enough with warm water. Prepare warm water, then add the lemon juice, and baking soda. Combine all ingredients into the warm water. Once mixed all enter the apples and brush with smooth until all the waxy substance attached to the apples are gone. After that, rinse again in running water so that a waxy substance that is in the basin does not stick again in the fruit.

How to know already removes wax from the skin of apples quite easy, just you see the apple skin is not shiny anymore, the substance of apples have disappeared. Dibaskom water there will be as white as flour mixed with. And usually apples will quickly decay, because it is no longer berpengawet.

Get used to wash fruits before dikomsumsi especially fruits that you buy from the supermarket or store fruit. Usually all the pieces are given a preservative to keep it durable. Share to friends and family in order to avoid various risks and disease if often consume fruits berpengawet
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