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Benefits of Mango for Pregnant Women

- 10:38 PM
A pregnant woman should always get balanced nutrition in order for the nutritional needs of the baby also can be fulfilled. One type of healthy food and good if consumed by pregnant women is mango.
Mango fruit contains a lot of vitamins that can provide additional nutrients to the baby are mother so the baby will be born healthy later.
Mango fruit is a kind of seasonal fruit, so it requires patience to be able to enjoy mangoes and wait for the season. Well, actually what are the benefits of mangoes when consumed by pregnant women?

1. Smooth Body Digestive SystemMango has a very high fiber content that serves to launch the body's digestive system. So, if a pregnant woman is synonymous with complaints of constipation can be prevented and treated by consuming lots of mangoes. Thus, the body will be returned to normal digestion and you can defecate without any constraint.
Poor condition of the digestive system will have a negative impact so that the absorption of nutrients to the body. Although the fiber content is very good, but you should not consume mangoes for large portions.
Should consume this fruit in the portion of mediocrity in a single presentation. This is because if you eat too much fruit mango can cause excessive gas in the stomach organ and is a condition that is not good for health.See also: Various Kinds of Food Good For Health
2. Balancing Fluid In The BodyMango fruit contains a lot of potassium and potassium that can help maintain the balance of fluids in the human body. If the volume of fluid in the body too much, will have dire consequences for pregnant women. One of its adverse effects are swelling in the legs. The condition is very dangerous and cause an expectant mother is difficult in walking.3. Against Free RadicalsBenefits of mango next step was to be able to help the body fight against free radicals. Mangoes are rich citamin termasuklah in category C and antioxidants can protect your body against cancer caused by free radicals. Antioxidants are very effective against the attack of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules as a result of the production of chemical systems in the body, cigarette smoke, radiation, sunlight, and other environmental influences. The free radicals can lead to resistance in fetal growth. This is because free radicals are too difficult to avoid, so the body needs a lot of intake of these antioxidants.
4. Increase Stamina and EnergyWatermelons fruit is rich in sugar content are included in the sucrose and a source of healthy carbohydrates. So, if a pregnant woman consumes a lot of mangoes will help blood sugar levels stable. Thus, limp body often felt by pregnant women can be recovered by eating mangoes. Mangoes are also good consumed as snacks nutritious and healthy.
Well, that's some of the benefits of mangoes for the pregnant woman's body. In addition to the various properties, which often makes a person pregnancy reduced vision function, it will not happen if you eat this mango fruit. See also: Wow ... It turns Sawo So Many Benefits of Fruit
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