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Efficacy Pomegranate For Beauty

- 10:39 PM
Pomegranate is a fruit native habitat in the middle east, but it has grown a lot in the country of Indonesia. in general, the pomegranate has only about 4 to 9 meters. Pomegranate pretty much grown people of Indonesia for ornamental plants, there is also a medicinal plant, there is also a plant that just want to eat the fruit directly or created juice.
Pomegranate has many benefits for skin beauty if consumed regularly and routinely. The content of pomegranate are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants and iron able memperlembat occurrence of premature aging and neutralize the free radicals. Here, the efficacy of pomegranate more.Efficacy Pomegranate For BeautyEfficacy of pomegranates for beauty6 Benefits of Pomegranate And Benefits For SkinSome of the benefits of pomegranates to the skin, namely:
1. Helps Skin RegenerationFLEG skin problems such as black and pigmentation problem skin damage is quite alarming. Pomegranate can protect the outer skin layer, or epidermis and regenerates the skin cells in the epidermis on the skin inside. Pomegranate is also able to assist in the production of natural antioxidants in the body so as to improve blood circulation, improve skin tissue, to heal wounds.
2. Eliminate AcneAcne is often approached our faces, but with the appearance of acne would be very disturbing. Acne problems can be caused by digestive problems and also hormonal imbalance. Pomegranate is a source of vitamin C which is able to regulate the production of an oily substance sebum secreted or skin, which then will cause acne on our face. The efficacy of pomegranate are able to overcome digestive problems will be able to improve blood circulation to be healthy. Moreover, by making pomegranate juice as a mask will help eliminate acne.
3. Overcome Dry SkinDelimi fruit has a relatively small molecular structure capable of menembuh up into the skin and is able to moisturize the skin, overcoming skin chapped and dry skin due to address the pomegranate contains many punicic acid which is the fatty acids of the omega 5 which has the function of preventing skin lose moisture.
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4. Overcoming Oily SkinOften pomegranates used as a natural ingredient produced into beauty products, this is because the pomegranate that contains pomegranate oil is very useful in overcoming oily skin, overcome skin irritation, as well as eliminate acne.
5. Prevent AgingThe ability to rejuvenate skin pomegranates can prevent premature aging of the skin. Minya in pomegranate seeds can strengthen the epidermal layer will reduce skin wrinkles as the cause of premature aging of the skin. In addition, pomegranate is also able to assist in the production of collagen and elastin that has benefits to keep skin elastic so that it becomes more youthful.
6. Protect Skin from the SunThe ability of pomegranate to counter the effects of the sun makes the fruit is very good for skin beauty, so that the skin will not be damaged. This is because in these fruits contain a lot of antioxidants, which are crucial to prevent the damage that occurs due to free radicals.
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