Can Diet without exercise?

Diet without exercise could be as long as you need to understand the actual meaning of the first diet anything. I think it's diet can be interpreted as an attempt to regulate the amount of food, how much will we consume, how many calories and how much protein, carbohydrates and so forth. In other words, diet is an attempt to lose weight to look more attractive.

According to wikipedia diet is the amount of food consumed by an individual or a particular organism and the development of diet can be interpreted in the context of efforts to regulate the intake of nutrients is divided into several types, namely:

Abstinence Against Certain eg food for diabetics (low-carbohydrate (glucose) and heat
Increase the weight (mass) Agency for example for sports or bodybuilding athletes who want to increase muscle mass.
Weight (Mass) Agency, for example for a model or an actress who wants to maintain its appearance.
Can diet without exercise?

From this we can understand diet without exercise would be successful or not?

Usually diet is focused on weight loss, and many misidentified as not eating at all, fasting for days simply by drinking water only. Of course it is not good for health, perhaps even disease will strike you, such as stomach ulcers, immune system weakens, and there is no power. Due to the lack of energy and nutrient intake in your body.

To get the ideal diet actually combine both, ie by adjusting portions of food, how many calories and coupled with exercise will definitely get maximum results. The pakarpun advocate that, because it has done extensive research on the diet. Here there is a video of Dr. OZ about the mistakes that you do when you're dieting. Please be listened to carefully.

Well already know not any mistakes. For that immediately correct your diet so that your diet to a maximum results.

Create your lazy sport there are actually some of the diet, but once may result will not be as much if you add them to the sport. Want to know what are the tips of his diet? Please observe the following tips:

Reduce consumption of foods containing high carbohydrate
By doing this you will be getting quality diet and a maximum of course. for example, such as replacing white rice into red rice. Replacing wheat bread with oatmeal and many others.
Try to get more activities
Diet tips to outsmart times the actual sport, but we apply it in everyday life, such as walking to the office, home activities such as mopping, cleaning the bathtub, sweep and others. We're not like sports, but it turns out we're moving all our muscles and it is like sports.
Drinking water before and after eating
By drinking water before meals will make you full faster, so it can reduce your appetite is high especially coupled drinking water again after eating. These diet tips are usually powerful enough.

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