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Danger! Never Do Diet Yoyo

- 5:51 AM

Yoyo diets or diets that make weight up and down is not consistent turned out to cause positive effects in terms of the health of the dieter. Not only physical health, but also mentally.

May seem unusual if the weight down for a few weeks, but the weight back up after you eat what food freely. In fact, this is not a healthy way to lose weight. Should have a healthy diet became a lifestyle that maintain a stable body weight over the long term. Please read on to learn what are the negative effects of yo-yo dieting for health and why you should avoid it.

Cycle unhealthy

Yo-yo dieting is simply an unhealthy cycle. The body needs nutrients, and a balanced diet. Many dieters yo-yo back and forth between the options menu of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables last changed on donuts, sweets and cakes. Remember, try to always maintain a balanced healthy menu.

Weight exceeding previous angak

Sometimes after losing a few kilograms, yo-yo dieting can lead to disorders such as obesity. Even the weight figures to rise above the weight before dieting. It may be that this happens because the body is hungry in order to provide a backup signal more fat to be stored. Better to choose a healthy lifestyle and occasionally enjoy sweet foods rather than a strict diet that torture yourself.

The possibility of eating disorders

Another problem that needs to be watched because of the negative effects of yo-yo dieting is a possible risk of eating disorders. Yes, although not all traits lead to eating disorders, but better watch out and be known from the outset to be more easily prevented.

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