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Causes and Tips on How to Overcome Difficult Child Eating

- 3:23 PM
Being a parent would certainly be concerned if the baby eating difficult. Especially the mothers, a mother will always worry about the nutritional adequacy of the baby. Especially if the baby fussy eaters and picky. The cause of the child difficult to eat because of physical factors and psychological factors. Causes of physical factors is usually due to a disturbance in the digestive organs or there is an infection in the child's body. While the cause of psychological factors, among others, children are forced to eat the food he did not like, less pleasant dining atmosphere, children never eat together with their parents, the condition of the troubled household. It can also be caused due to loss of appetite child, the child is teething and in sickness eg coughs and colds. How to cope with difficult children eat can be done by the mothers in many ways serving food in small portions, a varied diet to make it more interesting, create be a pleasant dining atmosphere, avoid forcing and threatening attitude in persuading a child, then limit the provision of drinking during meals.
How to Cope with Difficult Child Eating
How to cope with difficult babies eat is also a problem for mothers. When the baby is 6 months old at the time the baby starts to get complementary feeding to meet the needs of nutrisiya. This can be done by providing milk porridge, fruit juice and then further feeding the denser like rice team. Furthermore toddlers how to overcome difficulty eating can be done by involving the child while preparing food, teaching children good eating behaviors and eating regularly, limit the child for not too frequent snacks, provide healthy snacks for children.
How to cope with poor feeding baby
Children aged 1 year usually starts teething, and begin actively playing. When the child starts teething child usually difficult to eat because of pain in his gums. For the way children cope with difficult eating the age of 1 year can be done by giving soft foods that do not affect the growth of teeth, but it also can be done by feeding the scheduled with a varied menu that children do not get bored.
Solution children difficult to eat
Solution children fussy eaters we have discussed above, many ways to cope with difficult children eat. So that the mothers do not have to worry anymore to resolve the issue. MoreoverTips difficulty eating children can also be done by involving the father when the child is eating.So that more children will eat when both parents can be shared at the time the child eat. Kids 1 year difficult to eat very often encountered, again the mothers who have to be creative and innovative in feeding her baby, with a variety of interesting food in the presentation food then your child will not get bored. Moreover purposes of nutrition on children's growth will also be fulfilled.Hopefully Health Articles is beneficial for maternal and child health.
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