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Oily Skin Care Tips, Natural Way

- 3:24 PM
Have oily skin would certainly be a bit of a problem for you, because oily face prone to acne. To perform maintenance would definitely spend a budget that much, but you do not have to worry as to cope with oily skin you do not have to perform maintenance kesalon expensive. You only need to use natural materials that exist around us and often we encounter. Causes of oily face, among others, hormonal imbalance, too much fatty foods, wrong in choosing cosmetic use, unhealthy lifestyle and also due to genetic or hereditary factors. Tips treating facial skin naturally is a bit complicated but You do not have to worry about side effects, because the use of natural ingredients are safer and free of side effects when compared with the use of products containing chemicals. 
Oily Skin Care Tips
Natural way of treating facial skin can do at home whatever the time. By using natural ingredients include:
Egg whites
Oily Skin Care Tips
The way to solve eggshell, white part only telurya beat until foamy then spread to the face as a mask. 
prepare 1 cucumber, cut lengthwise into 4 sections, on the little seeds crushed and then rubbed on the face thoroughly, let stand 10-15 minutes and then rinse with clean water.
Take bengkoang that have been cleaned sufficiently, then the blender, then use bengkoang already blended as a mask.
How to Take Care of Oily Skin
Banana contains lots of vitamin A, B and E, which can help to prevent premature aging. The trick mash bananas then apply evenly to the face, make a mask. Wait up to 20 minutes then rinse using clean water.
trick by cutting small sections and then boiled with boiling water, let cool and then apply on the face evenly.
The natural way to care for the skin
Tomatoes can also be used to treat oily skin, the same way as with a cucumber.
Oily Skin Care Tips, Natural Way
Strawberries can also be used as a face mask to treat oily skin.

How to Take Care of Oily Skin

Additionally How to care for oily skin is to frequently wash your face that are not easily greasy, consumption of water at least 8 glasses a day, and can also be done using warm water by using a towel soaked in warm water plus a little salt and then apply evenly in the entire face. Facial skin care naturally as above must be carried out by any person who has a greasy face. These methods are also very easy to do at home. Do not be easily tempted by cosmetic ingredients are made ​​from chemicals, care for your skin, because the skin is very sensitive and easily irritated if wrong in choosing cosmetics.
That information Health Articles Tips on caring for oily skin, may be useful to you.
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