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Characteristics and Causes of Colon Cancer

- 11:15 PM
Cancer is a disease that is very dangerous, especially when it reaches such advanced stages 3-4. Cancer itself is a disease caused by growth of abnormal cells in the body. If there is a growth of abnormal cells in the skin called skin cancer, and cancer that we will discuss here is colon cancer. Yes, colon cancer is because there is the growth of cells that are not normal in your gut.
Colorectal cancer is actually there are 2 kinds of "colon cancer" and "cancer of the small intestine", but cancer is a common cancer of the colon. Colon cancer itself is the growth of cells that are not normal in the large intestine or the growth of malignant cancer cells on the surface of the colon or rectum.
Characteristics and Causes of Colon CancerIllustration of hospital patients affected by colon cancer © ShutterstockThe characteristics of colon cancerFor the characteristics of colon cancer has not been researched exactly because each person will vary depending on how long the disease has been lodged in your colon, and other factors. As for the characteristics or general symptoms such as:

Bleeding in the colon characterized by the discovery of blood in the stool during bowel movements.
Changes in bowel function (diarrhea or constipation) for no apparent reason, more than six weeks.
Weight loss for no apparent reason
Pain in the abdomen or back.
Stomach still feels full even though it was waste water exhausted besar.Rasa continuous
Sometimes cancer can be a barrier in the large intestine that looks at some of the symptoms such as constipation, pain and bloating in the abdomen.
Bleeding from the anus
and usually weight will go down

Causes Colon CancerCause of colon cancer is also not yet known with certainty, but according to information from there are some things that allegedly could potentially bring this malignant disease, namely: how diet wrong (too many foods high in fat and protein, and low fiber), obesity (overweight), had colon cancer, come from families with a history of colon cancer, have had polyps in the colon, age (risk increases at age above 50 years), less physical activity, often exposed to materials food preservatives and dyes that are not for food, and smoking.
Prevention and TreatmentFor the prevention of colon cancer itself the main thing is to consume high fiber foods, read: 7 High Fiber Food is Good for Health, as very well to eliminate various kinds of toxins in your intestines, so the risk of unnatural cells in the gut You will decline or even non-existent if coupled with additional supplements such as calcium, vitamin E, D. additional supplement is what you get from fresh fruits and avoid smoking as well. Because according to research smoking can also cause colon cancer with the possibility of 1- 3 times more susceptible to colon cancer than people who do not smoke.
If you've tested positive for colon cancer, there are three possibilities that you can do:

Local operation and polipectomi, but this operation can be done while still at the stage of initial stage.
Surgical gut, if the patient has been entered at an early stage, and the action is done penyatan pengoprasian in the abdomen and then colon cancer removed, then connected again.
Resection and colostomy were performed after the surgical removal of the healing process.
Early detection can prevent colon cancerEarly detection is the investigation of the individual asymptomatic (without symptoms) which aims to detect the disease at an early stage so it can be curative therapy. With early detection, you can find out whether there is something that does not face in your gut, if known can be treated immediately in order to "precancerous" does not become an advanced stage. It would be easier to treat colon cancer if still at an early stage. Do not forget to keep a healthy lifestyle, read: How Healthy Lifestyle Living a True, because the healthy lifestyle risks for various diseases will be lower compared with the lifestyle you carelessly.
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