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Know Symptoms of Epilepsy in Children in order to Treated Early

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Epilepsy is a disease that can affect both adults and children. This disease occurs due to neurological disorders of the brain that work in episodic. Treatment of this disease does require a longer time. Giving the right medication and periodically be one way to treat epilepsy in children. As parents, it is very necessary to better know how to deal with children who suffer from epilepsy. Therefore you must know the early symptoms of epilepsy that occurs.
Know Symptoms of Epilepsy in Children in order to Treated EarlyIllustration of epilepsy in children © ShutterstockTotal convulsion (seizures Total)Symptoms of epilepsy in children is often the case first seizure. Initially maybe your child will often have regular seizures. When it went into spasm total, this is a very serious symptom. In the event of total seizures, the child can not fall and lost consciousness. Total seizure time usually only lasts less than 3 minutes. At that time the child's body will vibrate uncontrolled and stiff. Eyeball child will slightly rotate. Saliva and urine can no longer be controlled, so it will come out just like that. After the seizure is completed, the child will feel dizzy, nausea and pain in the body. After that the child will fall asleep in a long time. At the time kenjang, put something that can be bitten, so snapping teeth do not hurt your child.
Eye gaze The EmptyEpilepsy in children usually have different symptoms. If your child suddenly daydreaming and staring with a blank stare. You need to be vigilant, because it could be an early sign of an epileptic seizure. These symptoms are called petit mal seizure symptoms. Your child's head and arms may be a little limp.
But these spasms will not make your child to fall to the ground or knocked unconscious. Time seizures usually less than one minute. After a seizure occurs, your child can still be aware of what is happening.
TwitchTwitch actually things that have happened to everyone. Each of epilepsy in children is not necessarily symptoms of this twitch. This twitching symptoms will be obvious, if it occurs in the type of focal epilepsy. Initially twitch will happen in those places only. Such as fingers, then the palm of the hand and many more. Furthermore twitch will increasingly spread to other places to the entire body. On these symptoms there are some children who are still conscious and some others to lose consciousness.
AuraSymptoms of epilepsy in children who subsequently was with aura. It is quite difficult, because not everyone can see a person's aura. Aura is usually an early symptom occurs before the child's body spasm. Children will suddenly feel the aches and pains all over the body, smell that does not know its origin and heard strange noises. Sometimes children will also feel something strange in his stomach. Usually many people are not aware of it. Therefore, as parents, have to be really alert.
Similarly, some of the symptoms that can recognize if your child stricken with epilepsy. You must know the early symptoms of epilepsy in children. If left unchallenged, will take place worse and will lead to things that are not desirable. Such as physical and psychological disabilities. In infants was greater risk of epilespi. There are many medications and therapies that can be used to cure epilepsy. But it takes a long time and more patience.
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