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Clean the body from the inside with 4 this food!

- 2:00 PM
Bersihkan tubuh dari dalam dengan 4 makanan ini! 
A clean body is important for the health of the body. Not only clean from the outside only, but cleansing the body from the inside is very important. Besides drinking plenty of mineral water, eating certain foods is also capable of cleaning all body systems.

Reporting from, here is the food that is able to cleanse the body's systems, especially the digestive system perfectly.

Garlic is not only known to treat indigestion, but also has natural detoxifying properties in the body. Eating garlic will stimulate the liver to create a detoxifying enzymes that are useful to clean up toxins in your digestive system.

green tea
Besides green tea is rich in antioxidants is also able to detoxify toxins in the body quickly. In addition to cleaner, increasing your stamina and you do not get tired easily.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory substances in it that is good for your digestive system healthy. You can add it as a spice in cooking or in processed beverages.


In addition to high fiber, cabbage is also high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals all of which are useful for removing toxins in the body.

So, want to be healthier in the month of Ramadan? Try your menu filled with food on top.
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