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Diseases Osteoporosis Never Ignore

- 8:11 PM

The silent diease is one term for osteoporosis. Diseases of bone loss or osteoporosis is a disease without symptoms. So that people suffering from osteoporosis are often unaware of when meraka developing the disease. Osteoporosis is characterized by increasingly the lowering bone mass, causing tissue damage mikroarsitekur. Patients with osteoporosis usually has a physical form bent or twisted even so most people with osteoporosis have no significant change or not visible from the outside.

Osteoporosis is often associated with age, the higher the age, the more at risk of developing osteoporosis. Most who suffer from osteoporosis are women who had entered menopause due to declining estrogen levels. Hormone estrogen serves to bind the bones so as not to lose calcium, when estrogen is reduced, the effect on the calcium in the bones.

In addition to the age now found osteoporosis at a young age partly because of a lack of physical activity, too much drugs containing steroids and unhealthy lifestyle. You janga assume paltry against osteoporosis. Although not complained of by patients with osteoporosis but can be life-threatening harm patients and patients with osteoporosis.

Here is the danger that can arise for people with osteoporosis:

The pressure on internal organs
Bones are bent will cause the spine to bend unnaturally so it will be difficulty in breathing. The lack of which caused a buffer pejangga curved spine will press ribs resulting in pressure on the soft tissues and organs pressing on the inside as the stomach, lungs and intestines.
Difficulties in finding a balance
Ongoing pain would lead to osteoporosis loss of balance. Loss of balance condition will cause more severe pain cycle.
Experiencing pain
If people with osteoporosis who experience the condition gets worse, the patient often experience pain in the shoulders, neck, or back pinggung.
Changes in body
Invoices compression increased for patients with osteoporosis will cause changes in the body. Patients with osteoporosis would lose height up to 15-20% of its original height. This condition is caused by the spine that accumulate and cause spinal curvature or called humpback or hunchback.
Compression fractures
One of the cartilage bones are problematic for patients with spinal osteoporosis. So that compression fractures or fractures comprssion a condition that causes the overlap between one another.
Bone fractures
Diminishing bone density for osteoporosis will cause it to become easily vulnerable. Easy brittle bone condition which would endanger if you fall or slip occurs at high risk of bone fracture or fractures.
Bone loss or osteoporosis should receive early intervention because osteoporosis is a disease that does not have obvious symptoms, will be realized when the bones were fractured and after it happens again fractured bone and likely will occur in other bones. So it is important to keep the intake of calcium and vitamin D, avoiding unhealthy lifestyles and are always active with regular exercise to reduce the risk of osteoporosis at a young age.

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