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Adverse Impact hazard Soda For Health

- 8:16 PM

Did you know that there are many types of food in the world that did not contain the nutrients? One is soda when as we all know soda has many fans. For this drink has seemed to be a new lifestyle that is almost done by many people. Moreover, consumption of soda can cause a refreshing sensation. But without them knowing that the real soda has no nutritional content or nutrition. But not only that, besides not having the nutritional content, excessive consumption of soda can also be bad for the health.

The following adverse effects soda for health:

Soda consumption can affect the mood of a
Aspartame content of which is in soda and fizzy drinks can trigger a person to experience headaches and even to decrease in mood. This kind of thing is more prone to occur in those who have a tendency to feel anxiety or depression.
Soda consumption can increase the risk of developing diabetes
Those who consume soda every day or even more than one time per day is said to have risks as much as 25% more likely to improve developing type 2 diabetes compared with those who consume no more than one drink containing sugar each day.
Consumption of soda is bad for skin health
Did you know that excessive consumption of soft drinks may have an impact on skin problems and create more premature skin aging. This is due to soft drinks can lower the pH level in the body, which if this is the case then your body will easily attacked by acne and makes the skin tends to be dull and not bright.
Soda consumption can increase the risk of heart attack
Consumption of soda is used as a lifestyle associated with an increased risk of heart attack it was stated by a study conducted in Miami that those who consume soda every day had a risk of 44% more likely to suffer a heart attack than those who did not consume it.
Soda consumption can increase weight
For those of you who were undergoing a diet program, consuming soda is clearly not a wise choice. This is evidenced by the results of research conducted in Universisity of Texas Health Science Center, which revealed that the more a person consumes soda, then the greater the risk the person is overweight or overweight. Consuming two or more cans of soda will be able to increase the waist up to 500%.

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