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Eating Chocolate Can Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke?

- 3:30 PM
You surely know that chocolate is one food that has so many benefits, one of them asmoodbooster or mood plant. In addition, a research along more than 10 years concluded that chocolate may also help reduce the risk of several deadly diseases such as heart attack and stroke.
The study, led by Professor Phyo Myint from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, revealed his latest findings that consume up to 100g of chocolate a day can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.
The research has been published in the Journal of Heart is taking data in the form of questionnaires from nearly 21,000 adults about their lifestyle. Then their health was monitored for more than 11 years.
Based on these observations, they consume an average of seven grams of chocolate per day. Those who regularly eat chocolate have a 11% lower risk of heart disease and a 25% decreased risk of death, as well as a 23% decreased risk of stroke.
"In this study we conclude that the cumulative evidence showed higher cocoa intake was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular events in the future," said Myint, as we have quoted from the Daily Mail.
Eat more chocolate was associated with a higher energy intake, reducing the likelihood of heart disease such as lowering blood pressure. Even so, you still need to be careful because it can not be denied chocolate could potentially increase a person's weight, where excess weight can affect heart health.
It also was an observational study, which means it can not demonstrate a causal link, but merely an association conducted in depth. Therefore, for those who did have cardiovascular problems still have to make a healthy diet and eating chocolate with higher numbers sedkit.
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