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10 Easy Ways to Limit Food Without Realize

- 3:31 PM
Healthy foods are much needed by the body to support the person's activity throughout the day. However, no means you can freely eat healthy food at random. Because even though the food that goes into your body is a healthy food, but if the amount is too much or excessive then still you can not avoid the threat of weight gain.
No need extreme calorie restriction. All you need is a few tricks that you can use to slightly reduce the amount of food without feeling lost or even without you knowing it.
Referring to the popular book entitled Mindless Eating the work of a professor at Cornell University named Brian Wansink, we'll share 10 easy ways you need to restrict food without knowing it, as follows:
Use a plate with a smaller size
generally eaten with a large-sized plate making you take the amount of food more than eating by using a smaller plate. Why is that? Because you realize the amount of meal that you will take turns to adjust to how big plate you use.
Logically you will feel satisfied if they meet your plate of food, so that when you take on a big plate of food then you will meet these dishes, as well as when you eat with smaller plates you will also keep away. The difference is though equally full but smaller plate size has a number of food less when compared to the larger sized plates.
Choose a high glass
Similarly, the plate size affects the amount of food, the selection height of glass is also very influential. Even when there are two cups which have the same volume, the size of the high glass makes the glass appear larger when compared with glasses and short width. This way you can reduce your liquid calories without realizing it. Therefore, choose a glass measuring cup than short and wide.
Use contrasting colored plates with food
when color plate matches the color of your food, then naturally you will eat more because your brain a little trouble distinguishing the portion size and plate.
Do not eat in front of the TV
eating habits while watching television apparently is not a good habit, because without knowing these habits make you eat more than usual because you are more focused on the TV screen compared to the food you're eating. You continue to bribe regardless of the number of calories that you ingest.
Chewing properly
Did you turn out this time most people rarely chew when they eat, chew if they just do it a few times before finally entering another new food. Try to slow it down and chew properly so that the calories that go into a little more.
Keep snacks, replace it with a healthy diet
A study has shown that people will eat more when they see there is food around. While although there was plenty of food somewhere, but if the food is not to be close to reaching it chose not to take it. Therefore, to avoid excessive snacking then make sure you keep these foods away from your view, or even better if none at all. You can replace it by putting healthy foods such as a bowl of fruits, nuts and others around you.
Eat three meals a day
Maybe you think by passing an hour to eat then you've managed to reduce the number of calories in your body. In fact, when you skip an hour to eat then you will have difficulty holding appetite at the next meal and you will eat more than the amount should be.Therefore, it is better to remain constant eating fit in time with the right portion.
Protein intake at breakfast
Breakfast is proven to help suppress your desire to continue to eat the next time, and eating foods rich in protein at breakfast has been shown to suppress your appetite throughout the day.
Hide unhealthy foods
If you hide the unhealthy foods by wrapping them using something that you do not expect it then you yourself would forget to have these foods. You also can put these foods in places that are hard to find.
Put healthy foods in larger containers
Put healthy foods in containers large and unhealthy foods in containers smaller bebrukuran. Large container sizes tend to attract more attention than smaller containers, sehihngga when you're looking for food then the first thing you take is a large container containing healthy foods.
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