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Efficacy and Benefits of Basil For Body Health

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Basil is a plant that has a small size, even looks like grass. The distinctive feature of this plant is that there are flower bud section and have a sweet aroma that is characteristic of both leaf and flower section. Basil leaves are usually used as a salad food, because in addition to the typical fragrance, basil leaves are also able to increase appetite.

Well, other than as a salad food, basil leaves can also be used as a herbal medicine or natural medicine know. This plant contains and good benefits for our health.

1. Good for Heart Health

Basil is rich in carotenoids that can be converted into vitamin A. The basil can be an excellent method to obtain magnesium is good for heart health by relaxing the muscles and blood vessels, improve blood circulation and reduce the likelihood of abnormal heart rhythms and kerjang-seizure.

2. Good for Hair and Skin Health
Basil oil is very beneficial for the skin and dull hair becomes brighter. Basil is also good to fight and eradicate acne. In addition to enlighten, basil is also good for treating thin hair. This is because basil increases blood circulation to the hair roots. Basil works by helping the roots of the hair, fortifies the hair base, offer anti-oxidant and moisture to the hair follicle. So that this way the hair will be qualified.
3. Good for Preventing Some Types of Cancer
Basil is known for an effective anti-oxidant. Natural anti-oxidant found in basil can keep the body against damage from free radicals, thus being able to prevent most cancers. Basil also contains Flanovoid which protects cell structures from radiation. Basil really rich in substances that will help the cells from free radical damage.

4. Boost Immune System
Anti-oxidants contained in basil is excellent in helping the body's defense system against infectious diseases. Basil leaves have anti-bacterial capabilities that can be used to reduce the risk of bacteria such as E. coli and Listeria, which can lead to food poisoning. In addition, basil is also well used to close the wound. The content is therein useful to prevent bacterial infection. In addition to the prevention of wound infection, by eating basil leaves can help fight viral infections of the like colds, flu, and herpes.
5. Good for Digestive System
Basil has anti-inflammatory ability is strong. What is the meaning of inflammation? Reporting from, Infalamasi swelling or inflammation are redness, heat, and pain in the network due to physical injury, chemical, infection, or allergic reaction. With the ability of anti-inflammatory, it encourages the proper functioning of the intestinal tract, and besides that it works well to treat some types of digestive complaints such as inflammatory bowel disease, heartburn, flatulence, abdominal cramps, and usu problematic.

6. Reduce Arthritis Pain (Arthritis)

In this case, basil works by suppressing the activity of cyclooxygenase or COX.

7. Strengthen Memory

Basil is excellent for improving one's memory. Basil really rich corticosterone which will assist in strengthening memory. Basil works very well in activating brain circulation which can reduce the risk of brain damage. Additionally, basil helps maintain the nervous system.

8. Relieves Cough

Basil is a very important component in cough syrup as an expectorant. That way we do not have to bother to buy cough medicine at the pharmacy if we can make your own from natural ingredients. The trick was very easy, we just need to provide the basil leaves, then boiled them with extra salt. After that the water consumption as cough medicine.

9. Reduce Stress

Many studies have shown that basil has a large enough efficacy in terms of reducing stress. Health experts recommend to consume 10 to 12 basil leaves, twice a day, to avoid feelings of stress. Premises dau basil consume every day can also help cleanse our blood.

10. Prevent Acne

In this case, we only need to use basil as a mask. Namely by menghauskannya like making juss. In addition to preventing acne, basil also can be used for other skin problems such as ringworm, psoriasis and insect bites. The ability of anti-inflasme in basil also can be used seagai treatment and prevention of inflammation of the skin so that the skin supple and healthy.

11. Maintain Dental and Oral Health

Basil can also be used to maintain and care for our mouths from a variety of oral problems such as odors and problems with teeth and gums. How to? Drying the leaves of basil in the sun about 2 days, then puree. Use basil powder as toothpaste. Jug can be combined with mustard oil.

Many benefits that exist in the basil plant. In addition to use as a salad savory, basil benefits for our health is also very much. Hopefully this information is useful yes, do not forget to share with your friends.
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