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Efficacy and Benefits of Plants Pare For Body Health

- 3:40 PM
Vegetable bitter melon is sayura which have a bitter taste. Not many people like these vegetables, especially small children who do not like it a lot because of the bitter. And if you want to compromise with such a bitter taste, a lot of benefits pare we can get. Vegetables like cucumber melon has a texture that has a warty skin surface. Therefore, also known as bitter melon bitter cucumber. These plants grow in a way propagate and thrive in our homeland Indonesia. But who would have thought with a shape similar warty fruit and bitter taste has a myriad of benefits

But can be consumed as a vegetable, the plant is well-known to be used as a herbal medicine in society. Therefore we have summarized the efficacy and benefits of bitter melon that was launched by Here are some points which we have summarized from the page.

1. To Diabetes

You diabetics? If true, you're right yard. Pare has proven to be an effective diabetes medicine. Research has shown that bitter melon is very effective for reducing blood glucose levels in animals and humans.

2. Against Cancer

Some compounds in bitter melon can be used to control the development of several types of cancer cells. In 2000, researchers tested the ability of a substance of bitter melon against cancer cells, especially breast cancer.

3. Eliminate Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Quoted from page, bitter melon juice is helpful for treating swelling also called hemorrhoids. This is due to inflammation of the blood flow in the lower part of the rectum or anus. In addition to juice pare, pare roots can also be used as a paste to treat hemorrhoids. The trick is to apply the paste to the anus which suffered swelling to lessen the pain.

4. Reduces Pain Itching Infections

Quoted from page, bitter melon has the ability to cleanse the blood. By using pare, blood flow can be free from fungal infection so that it can to reduce the itching of infected skin wounds. The trick is to eat bitter melon every morning before eating.

5. Treat Respiratory Conditions

In accordance with Ayurvedic medicines com, bitter melon can also be used to treat a variety of respiratory problems. Among them is to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and rhinitis. Use at night before bed.

6. Helping vision

Levels of beta-carotene help to deal with eye problems.

7. Good for Digestion
Pare has qualities that could be to eliminate intestinal problems if used regularly.

8. For a Healthy Diet
Diet does not mean to starve instead? Take advantage of the diet because pare pare to be used to burn excess calories and reduce fat in the abdomen. Experts have recommended bitter melon juice to burn fat in the body.

9. Skin Care
Pare can be used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. In addition, the benefits of bitter melon is to petrify keep the skin to shine and prevent acne.

10. Against HIV / AIDSThe disease most feared by many people. Glycoprotein beta-momorcharin in bitter melon helps to inhibit the synthesis of macromolecules in splenocytes, embryos, and tumor cells. This protein helps to inhibit HIV by disabling the ribosomes in cells infected with HIV by preventing protein synthesis and ultimately kills cells that are contaminated.
Wah is not a lot of benefits? Let's start now do not be lazy to consume pare. Although bitter, but banyka benefits that we can get. Do not forget to share it to friends so that they also know the benefits of bitter melon for our health.
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