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First Aid When Stung Insects

- 5:58 AM

Insect bites or bee stings usually accompanied by the entry of toxins or other substances that enter the body of the victim. As a result of the toxin would normally cause pain, itching and sometimes to cause allergic reactions. While the level of seriousness of the reaction after being bitten or stung by insects depends on the sensitivity of the person (victim) to the insect venom or characters and how often the victim was bitten by an insect.

Some reactions can be caused by these bites are usually itchy, red and swollen stinging sensation that will leave marks on the skin that could be missing one or two days. However, thus, there is also a delayed reaction and will cause fever, itching, pain in the joints to be able to cause swelling of the gland. Never underestimate the insect bites. If left alone, it is not impossible that this insect toxin can spread throughout the body and endanger health.

The reaction will be felt in every insect bite victims would have been different, each person may experience an immediate reaction or a delayed reaction, it is not impossible even could have had both after an insect bite or a bee sting. In addition, a reaction that can be generated from the bites / stings this unisex categorized so severe (anaphylaxis). Only a small percentage of people who experience an anaphylactic allergic reactions to insect venom.

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